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It started as a joke during our telephone conversation a month before when our long-time friends from Winnipeg had been 'heavily' persuaded by my wife to come and visit us; no one obliged and committed. By first week of August, a convoy of three loaded minivan was parked in front of our residence; it was them. It was an incredulous moment since we were almost ready to enjoy the mid-summer just between us. Since it's been five long years when we decided to part with them and relocate here, it was understandable that a riot of fun and laughter cracked up and filled our home as soon as we welcomed them. Among friends, I am the youngest, therefore my manner of relationship with them was much revered and was driven by respect; relatively, they are - to me, are like big brothers.

A barbeque grill and beers were out that night by the backyard porch. A long and enjoyable catching up among us ensued through the remainder of that warm summer August night. One of the things we talked about was to drive and camp at The Rockies.

The first order of the day the following morning was to prepare camping equipment and foods for our coming trip. By mid-day, we were practically prepared. For the rest of the afternoon, we drove around the city and introduced to them several city attractions. Of course, the wives were given the chance to enjoy, and so we hopped from mall to mall as well. We ended up the night having dinner at a local buffet restaurant and went home surprisingly early towards the evening.

It proved to be practical as our next day commenced rather early in the morning. Our minivans' headlight were fully awake shooting its beam to the playground at the end of our street in that wee hour; where in contrast, the disappearing silver moon squinted her weary glance down towards us as if almost ready to retire her rotational shift to the morning sun. Few minutes later, we were cruising along the highway. Also at that time, our convoy was greeted timidly by the emerging sun, peeking from the mountain in the east. His warm golden rays penetrated like  arrows through our lightly tinted windshield and gently pierced my skin that made me all the more awake.       

As we were nearing the Provincial Park, the highway was also starting to get uphill.

Different views of nature appeared as we went higher.  Both sides of the highway are stunning mountain slopes generously covered with pine trees on one side, and on the other -  a rather bald and dry face of the slope uncovering a wavy cross-section of different rock formations in them. The clear highway created an illusion of something flat and sharp had sliced and parted these two distinct faces of mountain as if forbidding both not to be as one again. The occasional lake along the highway gave us a break to stretch our legs, and also to take some pictures. Its blue water brought reprieve to my eyes that had been perusing extensively during our trip the grandness as well as the greenery of the surrounding. TO BE CONTINUED...


ted332 says:
great pics! very nice, cool, relaxing place...
Posted on: Aug 24, 2008
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photo by: jeffy