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Woods Island Ferry, leaving PEI to Nova Scotia

We forked out the $61 fee to take us and the car over to Nova Scotia, boy what a price to get off the island!  The ride was 75 minutes so it was the perfect time to just chill out and relax.  Gillian ended up falling asleep sitting up, which was quite funny.  The boat had a t.v. so I able to watch the last 5 minutes and the horrible overtime to watch Canada lose the World's.  BOO :(  Damn Nash for taking that penalty.

The boat landed in Caribou, Nova Scotia and we were off to Halifax.  The scenic drive was more spectacular then PEI I thought, I just love the hills and highways better.  We even saw a sign that read "you are now in the middle of the Equator and the North Pole".

.. how cool was that!! 

Made our way to Halifax downtown and what a difference from Toronto downtown.  One-way streets, no traffic, people out and about enjoying the harbourfront!  We decided to check into the Marriot Courtyard on the harbourfront.  Headed over to Stayner's Wharf for some grub. 

After dinner, walked through the hilly streets of Halifax and ended up in an Irish Pub.  Great atmosphere but they were closing at midnight so we had to drink up our drinks!  When then marched through the streets to see what was out there, but nothing really fancied what we were looking for so we ended up in a Snoggle Pub... not sure about the name here! :)  Sat at the bar, drank a few drinks and had a good time chatting with the bartenders.


Sunday we decided to take a late check-out as we wanted to catch up on some sleep since we've been up pretty much everyday at 7:30am.  We slept, watched some t.v. and then got ready to head out for brunch.  We ended up at Tug's Waterhouse Restaurant to experience the whole lobster meal.  We picked out our lobsters, also held them to take a picture and headed back to our seats.  We patiently waited for the delicious lobster.  Thank goodness we didn't hear any screaming coming from the kitchen..LOL.  The lobster arrived and it was delicious.  I can't believe we both experience the lobster and in Halifax of all places!  WICKED! 

After brunch we walked around the harbourfront and checked out Alexander Keith's Brewery.  We decided then it was time to head to Peggy's Cove!

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Woods Island Ferry, leaving PEI to…
Woods Island Ferry, leaving PEI t…
Bridge to Dartmouth
Bridge to Dartmouth
Marriot Courtyard downtown Halifax
Marriot Courtyard downtown Halifax
Tugs is where we had our lobster …
Tug's is where we had our lobster…
Theadore the Tugboat
Theadore the Tugboat
photo by: frankcanfly