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View from the temple
We debated where to go for a day or so near to Chengdu for some hiking.  Mike had researched Emei Shan and was keen to go there, we were in favour of Qingcheng Shan mainly because it seemed to have better weather.
In the end we agreed to head for Qingcheng Shan, so leaving non-essentials with Sam's girls we head off to the north bus station in Chengdu to catch the bus to Dujiangyan.  Two bus journeys and 3 hours later we are at Qingcheng Shan "back mountain" (this must sound better in Chinese than English).
Based on my research I was a little worried whether we might find anywhere to stay here, so was pleased when we were approached by women trying to solicit our interest in taking a room for the night.
Reclining budda on Quingcheng Shan
  Phil and I head off to check out the options and after much consideration (and negotiation) we take a suite of rooms (3 bedrooms all with en-suite and a living room) for a total of 120Y a night.  The rooms are basic and a bit damp but will do fine for a couple of nights.  Phil grumbles about the lack of western toilet and that he has forgotten to bring a towel, but it all sounds like it should be character building to me.
In the evening the guest house woman cooks us a surprisingly good meal, based entirely on Phil and Julie pointing to certain food items in her kitchen.
The next day we walk to the temple at the top of the mountain.  About 10 minutes walk from our accommodation we reach the "town" where we find plenty of restaurants, a few hotels and masses of souvenier shops.  If only we'd known about this before , where was this on our map?
The walk is good but not quite hiking, at least as I know it.  The path is paved all the way to the top and because it is Sunday it is busy with locals on day excursions.  Nevertheless it makes for a very enjoyable day and the walk back down through a narrow gorge is particularly scenic.
The weather is good and though it threatens, the view never materialised through the haze.

Riz7 says:
Don't speak too soon, we may make it to TLG yet!
Posted on: May 21, 2008
skippyed says:
You should of gone to Tiger Leaping Gorge, now there is a good walk:)
Posted on: May 16, 2008
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View from the temple
View from the temple
Reclining budda on Quingcheng Shan
Reclining budda on Quingcheng Shan
Gorge at Qingchen Shan
Gorge at Qingchen Shan
Qingcheng Shan
photo by: Riz7