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It was a long and hard slog getting to the Southern most city in the world. We suffered for more than 30 hours making our way to Ushuaia on one excessively long, cold and uncomfortable journey. We travelled on a regular bus that was far inferior to every other bus in the entire country. But we made it...and we felt a sense of achievement as we rested our weary heads that night.

You can imagine our disappointment and disbelief when we rose the next morning to find that Ushuaia....that little town all the way at the end of the close to Antarctica...was completely infested with rich older beige-clad travellers.

We suffered to get here! We made that epic journey....while it seems that everyone else with their pockets lined with cash just took a short and probably excessively comfortable plane ride.

Do you think we are bitter ;-)

Anyway, if you squint a little, you can see what this town used to be. Cute little hut-like houses lining the hills, surrounded by big glorious snow-clad mountains.

Despite the complaining, we had a fabulous time. We went sailing to see the local sealion and bird colonies. It was also cool just to see the little heads of penguins popping up out of the  water as well. Love penguins! We also did a walk through the Tierra del fuego Nacional park which was fantastic, and climbed up to one of the nearby glaciers.

Anyway, next time we get to the southern most city in the world, it will be because we are those rich, older travellers, on our way to Antarctica ;-)

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photo by: xander_van_hoof