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The Salt flats and Desert landscapes between southern Bolivia and Chile are like nothing we've seen so far. We joined up with and Danish guy  and an Irish/Italian couple from the Potosi mining tour, and a German dude to hit the salt flats for 3 days.

The scenery was amazingly bright, barren and spectacular, and the company was top-notch which was lucky as we had just signed up with the tour guide from hell.

After one hour of waiting around for our tour guide we were finally off...well so we thought.  First stop, 50 metres down the road... picking up A spare tyre... Second stop, only a little bit further, picking up some meat.  Third stop, we think the tour guides house...not sure possibly fixing something on the car.

  I  think you get the drift.  Our guide only ever spoke in order to complain about something. It might have been about the dust because we had the window open, the car not starting because the air-con was on, door not closing because someone looked at it funny, or our personal favourite when the suspension broke on the right side, which was blamed on Tristan because he's "Muy Grande".  Every time we were getting in the car after that he would remind the guys that they had to sit on the left.

Despite the crappy car and guide, we had a blast and in retrospect, the more the car fell apart...and the grumpier the guide became, the more absurd and fun the trip became. But the last  straw was when we were promised wine with the last nights meal and it never appeared.  We bought a bottle of wine to drown our sorrows and 5 bottles later we realise that we needed to be up in 4 hours for the 4am start.

Needless to say not much was remembered about the last day, but the photos look good.

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photo by: razorriome