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Save the best for last!  Only days after our engagement we had our most mammoth journey yet.  40 Hours. One bus. Rio Gallegos to Mendoza. It was an almost spiritual experience, akin to some of the other great feats of endurance (eg. scaling Everest or crossing the Sahara).  Arlene took the prize by only standing twice during the entire journey and only getting off the bus once in 40 hrs.

We eventually got to Mendoza and scored ourselves a lovely apartment over looking the central park.  A special treat for surviving the 9 months.  Mendoza is an amazing town and easily our favorite Argentine city after Buenos Aires .  It's actually in the middle of the desert, but the town's intelligent forefathers realised the potential of channeling the snow melt coming off the Andes and now the it is the countries foremost wine producing region.  On top of that (if further reason is needed) every street is lined by ancient twisted and gnarled trees, shading the sidewalks, and the relaxed atmosphere was perfect for our last days.

We took a day tour of the wineries after deciding that an independent bike tour was to much effort and not in the spirit of wine tours.  We spent a glorious afternoon sipping whites and slurping Malbec.   For our last night we couldn't resist one last massive slab of cow at a resturant named "Don Tristan's".

The next morning we packed our bag, left our apartment and grabbed a taxi to the bus station.  The last transit of our journey, the taxi driver forgets to stop and we slam into the back of a car.  Needless to say there were no seat-belts (hadn't even seen them since London).  Arlene was thrown into the back of the drivers seat and smacked her mouth.  Blood was pouring out, Tris was sure that she'd lost a tooth (as it turned out that was a large chunk of her lip) and both our heads were ringing.

We got a ride in the ambulance to the hospital so that Arlene could get her lip checked out.  While Tristan carted around all 5 bags, Arlene was trying as hard as possible to understand what the doctors were telling her.  2 hours and 2 blackouts later (no backup lighting in the hospital, hope the life support machines were still on) Arlene decided that she'd had some pain killers and it didn't seem like they would stitch her lip so we left.

Tristan was prepared to stay another day to get our bearings, but to Arlene's credit she slung on her backpack, said lets go to Chile and walked to the bus station.  That's why Tristan is going to marry her!
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