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We´ve finally made our way to Quito, Ecuador after a fab three and a half months in Central America. We love this city! It has gorgeous colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, AND all the comforts of a capital city.

We made our way to Mitad  del Mundo (centre of the world) to get all the obligatory cheesy photos at the equator...

what is hilarious though, is that the huge monument, and  kinda lame 'theme park´that marks the spot is 200+ metres off the actual equator! In the 1700´s, the french sent out an expedition to find out the equator´s exact location...obviously they got it wrong...but what is kinda cool is that real equator is nearly exactly in the middle of a pre-Incan ruin that dates back to 1000AD...how is it possible that the Pre-Incan people could locate it  and the scientists couldn´t :-)

Anyway, we visited the real equator, which was marked with a cool little rundown museum with experiments that can only be done at the equator.  Like watching water go down a sink clockwise in the southern hemisphere, walking five steps north and watching it go down the other way.  Now why couldn't the French thought of that!


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A kiss over the hemispheres!
A kiss over the hemispheres!
The real equator...200 metres from…
The real equator...200 metres fro…
photo by: Bluetraveler