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Eastern Europe Here We Are!

Even though we only stayed in Bratislava Slovakia for 1 night, we really got the smaller city feel and the feel for Slovakian culture. We really liked the old town, as they call it. We didn't have a reservation for a hostel and we ended up finding a gem! It was nice and close, clean and Stef and I got a separate part of the room to ourselves. We decided that we needed a break from architecture and constant walking so we decided to check out the shopping Bratislava has to offer. Lets just say we liked.... very much! Once we were done shopping, we caught a flick Married in Vegas which we absolutely loved and couldn't stop laughing throughout. We definitely needed a long period of time with constant english conversation :)

The next day, we headed to Budapest where we met this couple David and Katie from the U.
S (California and Colorado). Our train was delayed by 40 min, but ended up finding our hostel with not too much effort. David and Katie were staying with a Hungarian couple, and we considered staying with them so we could get a feel for the culture, but we couldn't pass up the awesome 8 euro per night hostel room :) The first night we arrived, we hit up this GREAT Hungarian eatery which was recommended by the Hungarian couple Katie and David were staying with. Once again, we actually randomly found our Scottish friends and they joined us for the evening (Hungarian goulash and drinks). The next day, we went to get our Opera tickets which we had decided to attend the evening before, and toured around the city. Meanwhile, we went to the city center where they have statues of the past leaders of Hungary and attended the best zoo ever! They had so many differnet animals as you will get to see for yourself in the pictures along with this posting! In the evening, we met David and Katie for dinner and went to the Opera.
The opera was really nice, the building was fantastic as well as the orchestra and singing, but we were unable to understand them and were under the impression that the subtitles would be in english, as they were in Vienna. Later that evening, we all went out to this really cool 2 story bar with a courtyard -- good times!

Our 3rd day, Katie, David, Stef and I rented a car and drove to the country outside of Budapest to check out some small towns since we were getting sick of the big cities and wanted a feel for the culture. Even though it was a very difficult task to physically get the rental car, it was a great day consisting of hiking up this huge mountain to a castle where we could overlook the wonderful scenery, great food in between towns where we had some VERY traditional food and just toured around and checking out the towns in general.

We are really enjoying Budapest and decided to stay 1 extra night so we could get a chance to tour the Hot springs and get this mud bath we have been dieing for :) We leave in the morning on Saturday for CROATIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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photo by: Chokk