Milano and Venice... Shopping and Smelly Canals!

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In Milano, we were so excited for the shopping, but were a little disappointed because it was alright shopping for cheaper prices but not worth the fuss as far as we were concerned. We did however, have some very good italian food! The one night, Laura cut Jenn's hair which was pretty fun and she did a really good job. YAY no more paying for haircuts... hehe.

The next day we ventured to Venice where we met up with Martin later that evening. During the day we did some awesome shopping, Jenn and Laura bought really nice dresses and we found a Kathy Van Zeeland store- Jenn was SOO excited! We had a really nice long dinner and headed to bed because tomorrow we would see all of Venice, we were SO excited!

In the morning, we took the train to the main town, and walked around seeing all the pretty buildings and canals. We dont like to admit that we were a little lost when looking for St.Marco's square, but we did stumble upon a cute little Italian restaurant that smelt too good to pass up. So we went in for what was the best meal so far, pasta and fresh shell fish! The rest of the afternoon was filled with bottles of vino, gelatto, pizza and wondering around the beautiful canals of venice awaiting the concert in the evening. The violin concert was such a memorable experience, held in a beautiful quaint hall with cathedral ceilings which were artistically painted and sculpted like everything else in Venice. It was really compelling and moving, which made Laura cry the entire concert... funny for us. They performed the amazing 4 seasons and were blessed with 3 encore performances. The concert ended at 10:30 p.m. where we stumbled around looking for the train station. We hit the sack early for a VERY early morning to catch our ferry to Greece from Ancona.

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