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We arrived in Interlaken on July 4th, just in time for the American Festivities, believe it or not! We all took a big picture in front of Balmer's with everyone at the hostel... and then the games began. There was an obstacle course that they had set up where you had to army crawl under 3 lawn chairs, run to a bat and spin yourself around it 5 times, stick handle a ball between 3 sets of pylons, score a goal, and then funnel a tall boy! It was so much fun. The top 2 ladies challenged eachother, and same with the top 2 males, and the winners got a free rafting or canyoning trip. Stef raced through and was in first place, Laura was in second place, and Jenn was in 3rd place (GO TEAM CANADA), but then this other broad took Laura out the race - make sure that you check out the videos of us racing, they're quite entertaining.

Long story shot, team Canada won, no big deal haha. So we celebrated like rock stars that night.

The most exciting part of the trip for us was all of the activities we did. We began with Canyoning which was sooo cool. They take you up into the Swiss alps and you pretty much just jump over waterfalls into canyons, repel down cliffs, and float down the rapids on your backs. Some of the canyons weren't deep enough to jump straight legged, so you would have to jump with your butt down or sideways like a superman pose (we also have pictures of those). Next was hangliding which began by running down a very steep hill at full speed while attached to the glider with your pilot, until you gently lifted off of the ground and were soaring over the trees and through the clouds. It was so beautiful and exciting.

At some points in time the pilot would do a nose dive which was pretty scarry but fun too. Laura's landing was a little rough because she had her knees down and didn't lie flat so there are some pictures of her bruised knees around too. And then finally the Rafting, where we experienced stage 3 and 4 rapids (5 is the most intense, but it is illegal to go down them beacuse its far too dangerous). We actually had to get out of the river and take our raft past the stage 5 rapids. And we also got stuck on a large rock, and the dis-mount was a little nerve wracking, we all thought that we were going to flip into the icy water, but we made it out! Stef's lips turned blue, no surprise there though. We also have pictures from the rafting trip for you to check out.

Leaving the beauty and excitement of Interlaken behind was hard, but after Balmer's we required a bit of a detox so it was necessary.

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photo by: sherryshakarob