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The set of LOST right on the beach in Mokulei'a.

Within the first couple months I was living in Hawaii, we decided to take a little camping trip.  After a couple detours and some plan changing we ended up on the North Shore in Mokule'ia.  It was already dark by the time we got there so we set up camp and built a fire.  We spent the night hanging out around camp, and wondering why there were lights on down the road when we were pretty much in the middle of beach and nothing else.

The next morning we woke up to "knocking" on our tents, crawled out and came face to face with O'ahu's finest.

Set of LOST
  Apparently, we were not supposed to be camping on the beach as the police kindly told us.  After a little explanation about being new to the island, and being there to teach we were told to break down our tents and enjoy the day. WHEW!

That was when we looked down the beach and saw the plane wreckage.  You could imagine our surprise.  "OH MY GOD!  WHAT HAPPENED?  WAS THAT THERE ALL NIGHT?"

I took a walk down to the site, where I was met by a nice security guard who explained that I was looked at the set of the TV show LOST.  "The what?"  At this point I had no idea what the show was.  I don't even think it was on yet.  So there it was.  The set of what would be a major TV show down the beach from us the ENTIRE night and we didn't even realize.

This camping trip will always be one of my favorites, maybe because it was the first on the island.  Or maybe because every time I watch the first season of LOST and Jack comes running out from the woods for the first time, he stands underneath the tree I slept under.  And I smile and think "That's my tree...”


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The set of LOST right on the beach…
The set of LOST right on the beac…
Set of LOST
Set of LOST
Burn, baby, burn!
Burn, baby, burn!
Wheres Jack?
Where's Jack?
photo by: lilredhead611