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I have been in my classes for a week now I had to drop one but Itraded it for another and Im hoping to pick up some more.  Right now I am actually getting formal spanish lessons I know no one out here really speaks spanish but its a start and my proffesor just showed me a really great website for other languages so Im wicked excited.  I cant log onto travbuddy as much as I would like or upload any of my pics yet but I am working on that so hopefully I will be able to get my pics up here.  I have seen alot of downtown Hoholulu and it is like no place I have ever been.  These people really do love there water fountains there is one like on every block.  The city is beautiful and I seem to drawing quite a bit of attention sporting my Red Sox gear.  I think mostly its a conversation starter but I have met people from Mass out here sporting thier Red Sox gear like me and we have been talking wich has been fun.  im still down in the Waikiki area wich is nice but Im ready to move onto a more permanent residence.  As far as problems go I have only had 3 people who felt the need to cause a problem wich is good considering when I left maine it seemed like it was everyone's past time was to cause a problem in some form or another.  It has been a really good experience coming to somewhere where I dont know anybody and just being able to do whatever.  Im so happy I came and Im still wicked excited about being here it was a fantastic oppertunity.   I still have a lot to learn about my new surroundings the pronunciation of some of the Haiwaiin words has been a little difficult but Im picking up on it I just need to learn the meanings and how to write it next lol. 
vances says:
It's wicked obvious you are from Maine, lol. Enjoy your time in Hawaii...truly is a paradise!
Posted on: May 16, 2008
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