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One of my all time favourite places in the world is Greece, more specifically the Greek Islands. I have been there twice and hope to be there many more times. My first stop was the country’s largest island – Crete. It was the center of Europe’s most ancient civilization, the Minoan. I visited the famous Minoan archaeological site of Knossos. It is extremely fascinating. It dates back to approximately 1900 BC. I learned that they had three separate liquid management systems, one for drainage of waster water, one for supply, one for drainage of runoff. Water was distributed at the palace by gravity fed through terra cotta pipes to spigots and fountains. The pipes were tapered at one end to create pressure. The Queen’s Megaron contained an example of the first flushing system toilet. This is incredible when one thinks about how long ago this actually was.

I spent a considerable amount of time on the island’s beaches. Because the island has such a varied landscape, you will find all sorts of beaches. Some of them are sandy, some of them are rocky and near majestic cliffs – but all of them are great.


The next stop for me was Rhodes. It is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and it is situated in the eastern Aegean Sea, near Turkey. It is an absolutely beautiful and interesting place to visit. One of the Seven Wonders of the World stood here – the Colossus of Rhodes. The Medieval Old Town of the city has been declared a World Heritage Site. It was on this island where the Knights Hospitaller established their European medieval ideal city in the beginning of the 14th century.  Many of the city’s famous monuments, including the Palace of the Grand Master were built during this period. The City of Rhodes also has great areas to eat, shop, people watch and just parooze the Medieval Town’s atmospheric cobblestone streets.

From here it was off to Mykonos, the party island. If you love clubs, parties, shopping, and music this is the place to be. It has world-renowned DJs spinning throughout the night till the sun comes up and right on into the day. You can party 24 hours a day here (at least in the summertime). The main town (Hora) is very picturesque. It has the typical cycladic architectural style of white and blue buildings. The many flowers add further colour to the streets. The restaurants and the shopping is great. The island also has many beautiful beaches - some are more isolated than others and not frequented by many people but beautiful nonetheless to ones where there is techno music blaring all day and night. You will also find beaches that are somewhere in the middle.

After spending a couple of days on the beach and nights partying I decided it was time to go visit Santorini. The island claims that the fabled city of Atlantis use to be part of the island before a gigantic volcanic eruption caused 2/3rds of the island to sink to the ocean floor. Today that volcano is visited by throngs of tourists. If you decided to climb it make sure that you bring lots of water, a hat and suntan lotion as it can get EXTREMELY hot in the summer thanks to the Greek sun and the black soil that absorbs the heat and ergo makes you feel like you are in an oven. The ground is so hot that if you bury an egg in the soil it will boil in a couple of minutes.

The island is very scenic and the town of Oia is perhaps one of the best places in the world to watch the sun set. Make sure you bring your camera or you will truly regret it.


I loved Greek island hopping as you have everything you could possibly want in a vacation. Stunning scenery, excellent food, friendly people, ancient and fascinating history, beautiful beaches, great nightlife.


Because everything went so well, I would recommend anybody to plan their trip to Greece through

samtex says:
In participating in a class Blogging for Fun, Fame, and Fortune
the instructor asked participants in the course to post the site that was enjoyed the most. I selected your site since I visited the Greek Islands a few years ago and find your description refreshing. Thanks.
Posted on: May 12, 2008
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