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the view from the airport 'cos that is all we saw really!

Thanks to Gulf Air we make another unscheduled stop in Bahrain.  This time it is a long wait and we were offered the possibility of a hotel room in Bahrain courtesy of the airline but decide it isn't worth the effort of leaving the airport in the heat and then stopping for a short few hours before we would have to be back and checking in.  Take the offer of meals and a drink and though we have just had a snack on the flight from Abbu Dhabi, try to eat some more. 

I am fascinated by the clients at the airport and the majority of the women passing through are heavily veiled and swathed in very expensive black, often with diamontes adorning their outfits.  Men in long white dishdashas swish by often with several women in tow.  I ponder if they might be wives or families or just acquaintances.  I can make up stories in my head about people I will never know the real story about and can be vey inventive when bored!  A family with two sons sit next to me.  The father/husband eventually goes for a walk or something and is gone for ages.  The mother/wife talks with her sons but is careful to cover all her face with her veil.  Eventuall she too has to go somewhere and the young men escort her then return with her.  Then they leave her and she seems very unhappy about being abandoned and curls up in her seat pulling her veil right over her head and croons quietly to herself.  Later, when she uncovers her head just a little and sits up I offer her some of my kashmiri snack mix as I first open the bag, she smiles at me but says "La shockran" which I know to mean "no, thankyou". 

Finally, after over 11 hours we board the plane.  Andrew's seat is again broken and again the back will not lock into an upright position.  The hostess insists that he put his seat up for take off and he demonstrates ( with the permission of the lady behind who is forewarned) that when he puts the slightest pressure on the seat, he ends up on the lap of passenger behind him!!  The two women behind him get an upgrade.  Much later Andrew admits that he was more concerned about the Gulf Air flights than any of the others we went on.


spicatt says:
bahrain is alot more then just airlines and women in black , witch is not really many of them wear it anymore but there is still some , the most wonderful people in the world , i wish i could go back in time and not leave that place
Posted on: Sep 30, 2007
cecedesouza says:
I've been studying in Bahrain for 2 years now. Bahrainis are the friendliest people ever! I've never seen people so down to earth like them. I find that really admirable.

By the way, Gulf Air is the worst airline! I've had bad experiences with them.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
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the view from the airport cos tha…
the view from the airport 'cos th…
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