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I am hired to work for Cirque du soleil as a Lighting Tech,where they send me around the world to work and to teach local folk what I know

This trip will be a trip of many firsts, My first time around the world  with Cirque, My first trip to China, My first time leaving the Continent The First time I learn how to Speak Cantonease and Manderin. The first time I got conused as to what floor to go on an elevator, The first time a person helped me to figure it out in chinease. I think I may be doing a lot more learning than teaching.

Traveling from Montreal Quebec , to  Macao translates as a 15 hour Flight to hong Kong a  1 hour  TurboBoat  Jet Ride to Macao and a taxi to our hotel Taipa-

The biggest shock was adjusting to it being 2 pm in Macao and 2 am Montreal Cathay Pacicific was great they just put you in a Chair with a video monitor and 100 or so movies to choose from where you ept just to enough to get yourself enough energy to get to your destination.

The Special Administration Region

I am on the 2nd island of three Taipa -Macao is the 1st and Colane is the third-All of them grouped together as one- Macao is more like a lil big city lots of shopping lots of great tea shops and al sorts of parks and beutifull architexture to be seen

Taipa is a smaller City but across the bridge-easily reachable by one of many buses-A smaller version but growing fast espicially cause of all the Casino being constructed. There are many small alleys and places to go all around Taipa a person can get lost only to find onesself at the righ spot fairly quicky.

Colane-I went there once so far and had the most interesting meal with a lot of newfound friends on a terrasse the meal was an experince with crab shrimp and fish straight from the Tank-

i leave you now til the next couple of days

ice9van says:
Hi there! I would love to hear more about Macau as I'll be going there by August. Please post more. :D
Posted on: May 11, 2008
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