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 had a 16 hour layover in New York city. So guess what I did?!

If you guessed, “went to the Museum of Modern Art” then you are correct.

If you guessed “spent the night in a hotel and then went to the MoMA, then you’ve probably already heard this story.

Just a little background: I knew I was going to have this layover, and for some reason NYC scared me more than all of Greece, I can’t explain why, but I was just getting really nervous about it. Thankfully my dad and I went on Google earth and checked it all out, so that soothed my nerves a bit. Thanks dad!

Venus de NYC
Venus de NYC

I got into JFK at 1130pm, JFK is chaotic. That’s my best word for it. I fought people literally with my elbows to get my suitcase off the conveyer belt, then stalked people to find my way to the air train, and then to the stop where the hotel shuttle was supposed to pick me up. It took me an hour but I figured it all out, and made it to the hotel, which was nice.

I woke up early (I had a lot of art to see) and the hotel had a shuttle to the subway station. On the shuttle I made friends with two girls who took the subway with me. I’ve been making a lot of friends.

I know.  sophomore year of HS when i did a spanish report on this painting, i never guessed i would see it!
I know. sophomore year of HS when i did a spanish report on this painting, i never guessed i would see it!

I got off at 53rd, and found MoMA easily, since I already knew that it would look like, thanks to google earth street view. I was a little early, so I went to this sweet store across from it. New York was perfect. I don’t know why I was so scared. I am now officially like every other 20 something person who insists on moving to NYC when they graduate. I love it. I got in line at MoMA. They people in front of me were speaking Spanish, and behind me, speaking French. I felt so special that I could eavesdrop on both of them! I decided to start on the 5th floor – where the 20th century paintings and sculptures were. I got off the escalator to be greeted by a Rodin sculpture. Every corner I turned was another legendary painting that I had never fathomed I would see in real life. I’m sure I annoyed people because every time I walked into a new gallery I would gasp. Life is good being an art historian. I’m so glad I took the 20th century art class. Going to MoMA should be a requirement for that class. All the paintings I fell in love with on the slide screen in the Roger Hull lecture hall, I finally got to see in real life. I saw the Kirchner Street Scenes, and Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie, which FINALLY made sense to me when I saw it in person.

For Jessica.   

I think my favorites were Duchamp’s ‘Bicycle Wheel’ and Leger’s ‘Three Women’ (Jessica it really does look like you, and it made me miss you!) Also in the stairwell I ran into Matisse’s ‘Dance’ which is HUGE! I couldn’t believe it. Ok I could list everything that I saw, but you could just look up the collection online if you really cared. I will mention, I saw some awesome installations, one of them was just a normal hallway which was flooded with yellow light, so that everyone was black and white when you walked through it. I was amused as one little girl ran through it and said ‘Mom, this isn’t art!” Interesting that at 5 years old she has a clear opinion of what is and isn’t art. Sometimes I wish I was so sure.

London Heathrow Terminal 5
London Heathrow Terminal 5

The fourth floor had the pop art, and the Rothkos. By the third floor I was on mental overload and my camera battery died. (for which, I will NEVER forgive it) I only had till about 12:45 so I really had to run though everything.

I took the subway back to the airtrain, back to the shuttle, back to the hotel, back to the shuttle, back to the airport just in time for security checkpoint and boarding.

I had a window seat on my flight to London. A guy sat next to me and introduced himself and asked where I was going.


Vina: I’m going to Athens!

Guy: Really? I’m half Greek, but I live in Turkey. Greek men are beautiful.

Vina: ….. oh ….

How do you respond to that!? What a strange thing to say! I didn’t tell him that the only Greek man I’m interested in is the Doryphorus (Don’t worry Dad, it’s a statue(a naked statue though)) I passed out the whole flight. Window seat was a bad idea, I get stir crazy, but I was really lucky that I slept the whole way. And they ran out of breakfast boxes, so we got the first class fruit platters. Much better.

 London security was ridiculous, and I had to take a bus to a different terminal. My Greek/Turkish appreciator of beautiful Greek men friend and I found it together. On the bus I made some new friends, an old couple from New York, going to Sweden who were hilarious. The woman was covered in diamonds and Burberry as thick as her accent, and contradicted everything her poor husband said. She told me I’d have a great time in Athens. I flew out of London Heathrow terminal 5, the same place Naomi Campbell got arrested for punching someone when they lost her luggage. It was a nice terminal. I talked to some kids my age who were also going to Athens on my flight. They were on a grand European tour to celebrate graduation. Since the plane, I have seen them on the Akropolis, the Agora and Syntagma Square. It’s getting strange.

Anyway, I heart NY, and my trip was safe, and very interesting.



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photo by: herman_munster