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Our first stop was Corinth. We spent time at the Roman Archeological site, seeing the podium where Paul the Apostle would come to speak, in the remnants of the Roman forum. Corinth was originally a powerful Greek city state, until the 2nd century BCE when the early Romans came and burnt it to the ground. The city was abandoned for about 100 years until Julius Caesar came to restore it. So the archeological remains are from the Roman times. A Greek archaic temple to Apollo does still survive partially, although it was pre Roman.


Also surviving is a giant rock formation that was once the well in ancient Corinth. You might remember this from the story of Medea, made famous by Euripides. In one version of the story, Medea’s husband Jason leaves her for the Corinthian princess. Medea is furious so she sends a poisoned dress to the princess, who puts it on, realizes that it is poisonous and then drowns herself in the well. Medea then goes on to kill her children, and go marry King Aegeus in Athens.

After seeing the site and the museum, we headed up to the AcroCorinth. This time we went to the tallest peak of the AcroCorinth where you can see the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and the Corinth Canal that connects them. This highest point is the speculated site of the ancient temple to Aphrodite, but there is very little evidence for its actual existence. Also on the AcroCorinth is a mosque, which the original excavators wanted to tear down. Muslims in Turkey threw a fit and threatened to destroy a historic Byzantine Church in Turkey if the Mosque was town down. So its still there, but it is in a sad state of disrepair.


We drove from Corinth to Loutraki. Loutraki was a gorgeous small city. We had the late afternoon free. My roommates went to the beach, so I took advantage of having the hotel room to myself and took a peaceful nap. We had an evening lecture on the pier. The boardwalk in Loutraki was beautiful and we were there right about sunset. Families were out going on strolls. Little kids played in the park. Old men walk around flipping their worry beads absentmindedly around their fingers. High school aged boys with silly haircuts walk around in packs, blasting American rap music from MP3 players dangling around their necks. We sat on a dock and took notes while Stavros lectured. Some passersby even stopped to listen to him. We all watched the sunset and then went to get dinner together.

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photo by: Paulovic