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Lauro and Thy.

The German mini-meetup of the Un-Germans

As I was staying in Düsseldorf for more then a week, I agreed with Lauro to meet once again before my departure. And we hoped that another travelbuddy would join is, she couldn’t come to the first mini-meetup the week before because she had to work. I’m talking about Thy, alias “IceTea”. She was born in Düsseldorf, but her roots are in Vietnam.

First Lauro and me met at 8pm in front of the Central station as last time. From here we took the U-Bahn (the subway) direction Alstadt (old town) and (not really surprisingly for me) ended up in front of a McDonalds.

Lauro, the paparazzi.
Since I can remember this particular McDonalds has been the meeting point for a couple of generations of young people. It was enough to say “let’s meet in front of the McDonalds in the Altstad” and everybody knew which one was meant.

I’m vegetarian, but there’s one thing I love about McDonalds all around the world. Their toilets are usually clean and I used the opportunity now as well to prove the image they had in my eyes.

When I came back Lauro was talking already with Thy, a really nice funny girl. It was again Lauro who suggested the place to, I come to Düsseldorf maximum once a year and only for a week or so, a lot of places I used to go don’t exist anymore and I don’t know that much the new ones.  

There was one strange thing about this mini-meetup, Lauro was probably the first who noticed it.

Thy waiting for Lauro taking the picture.
We talked all the time in German, but none of us is actually German. Lauro is from the Philippines, Thy’s roots are from Vietnam and I’m Slovak. A German meetup of the Un-Germans, hahaha.

Lauro brought us to a place called “Salon des amateurs” (Saloon of the amateurs), one of his favourite places in Düsseldorf. There weren’t many people and it was a bit dark, but it looked fine. We sit down and little bit later ordered something to drink. The communication between us ran smoothly, we chatted, joked around, laughed a lot. I enjoyed the time with Lauro and Thy a lot. If you ever meet Thy ask her about her “special” passport and the problems around her citizenship, an incredible story, hahaha. Can you imagine to be born in Germany where they consider you being Vietnamese, but the Vietnamese consider you German and that means…you are a citizen of nowhere.

Thy and me. Did I smell Thy??? Hahaha.
She has even a special passport for foreigners issued by Germans where it’s literally written that it’s valid for all the countries in the world with one exception…Vietnam. Crazy, just crazy.

While we were having fun I didn’t even realize that the lounge bar was getting fuller ( no Lauro, it wasn’t because of the 3 beers I had, no chance, haha). Probably because I was the only one sitting with the back turned to rest of the place. But then the lights went off and I noticed two Asians stepping forward. What we got into was a Japanese weird alternative live music show with an even more strange movie showed behind them. It was weird but somehow interesting in the same time. There was for example a naked Jesus destroying puppets of himself.  Watching the movie you just listened to strange life keyboard and trompet music. Call me ignorant, but I can’t really say what exactly the Japanese “artists” pretend to express with the whole story. Anyway, their performance was good in some weird and psycho way I guess, hahaha.     

When it was over we decided to leave as it was becoming late already. I brought Lauro and Thy to their subway and soon we had to say goodbye. And what’s my conclusion about this evening? Viva travelbuddy for attracting great people.  

lauro says:
yeah yeah yeah!!! bring it on!!! :D i enjoyed my time too!!!

i am alreday planing the eastern europe trip!!
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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Lauro and Thy.
Lauro and Thy.
Lauro, the paparazzi.
Lauro, the paparazzi.
Thy waiting for Lauro taking the p…
Thy waiting for Lauro taking the …
Thy and me. Did I smell Thy??? Hah…
Thy and me. Did I smell Thy??? Ha…
The V sign.
The "V" sign.
The ungerman German speakers.
The ungerman German speakers.
A Japanese alternative surrealisti…
A Japanese alternative surrealist…
A Japanese alternative surrealisti…
A Japanese alternative surrealist…
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photo by: Chokk