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A last taste of Canada before departure
    Well the big day has arrived.  Where did all of the time go?  It snowed with a vengence yesterday so the place is buried in about 6 inches of snow.  A fitting scene for our departure I suppose.  No doubt,  this being Calgary it will be 15 or 20 above by the weekend.  This is the part of travel that is the best and the worst.  You're very excited about going but the thought of a long marathon of plane travel these days doesn't exactly fill one with glee the way it once did.  It is always a not so exciting education in the latest security procedures. Thanks Osama.  Oh, probably shouldn't have said that,  the CIA is likely tracking the Blog now.  Probably shouldn't have said CIA either.
Our plane
  Now we're really on the list.  It is a matter of hours now.  We are getting a ride to the airport from Constance's son.  More fun then a cab and plays better music. Our route has a couple of layovers, 3 hours in LA. 7 hours in Singapore.  This is both good and bad as well.  The good part is that our bags should, make the trip.   Please please please!! The bad part is that it is going to make our total travel time in the 35 hour plus range.   Most of the Apollo flights had a shorter flying time then that.            

There are two, no three things about the last few hours before one goes.  Number 1, is the weather.  Lets see, as I was waking up out of my slumber this morning, I heard that it was, snowing (lightly), raining (freezingly), ice crystalling and foggy.  I hope the cloud layer is thin and the plane leaves the ground as scheduled.  Number 2, the "what did I forget factor". Everyone knows about that one.  Number 3, (my personal favourite) did we take enough money??  It's unknowns that you DON"T know that get you every the time!               TTFN Doug&C      
barryd says:
... Calgary International, "We have lift off". What a pair, you were both getting so anxious that you were making everyone else anxious. 35 hrs, whats the problem? You work 37.5 hrs a week without any trouble. Have fun and keep in touch.
Posted on: Nov 09, 2006
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A last taste of Canada before depa…
A last taste of Canada before dep…
Our plane
Our plane
local weather conditions the day o…
local weather conditions the day …
photo by: Vikram