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Well I finally arrived in Bozeman, just two hours ago... What a trip...

I started off in minneapoils which was already more complicated as I thought it would be. The bus was fully booked and I didnt know if I was going to get a seat until the last minute. Fortunately Alyssa stayed with me till the end and even offered me to stay with her just in case. Dear alyssa I will send you hundreds of pick ups when I get home *grin* Then in the bus, the handsome musician from the station couldnt sit next to me, because of some other guy. He turned out to be very nice too and saved my night by giving me his blanket (it was sooooooo cold) He's now going to work in yellowstine park for the summer so I am again alone *cry*

Now about the bus trip. It was absolutely awesome... well the first day and the night were ok... but when I woke up, there was this amazing sunrise, and I found myself in the best landscape ever. Dont know if I am writing that right but I was in the Plains. I felt like a native american, no sign of human live, no matther in wich direction I was looking. Soon the landscape canged and we drove through a forest, then we were next to the yellowstone river... I have seen so much on my trip, for example a bold eagle in his nest, a beeson, a bear, some deers (they were grey, not red like those in germany), and even some bones of large animals lying next to the street. I felt like beeing in a movie, very cool.

Now Bozeman is such an adorable little city, very joung and really beautiful, unlike the other towns I have been driving through today. It is very hot, alhough the mountains around me are snow covered. Many little independent cafes, resaurants and shops line the maine street, and I can hear some live music down the road right now. Having to leave it tomorrow makes me sad.

Oh.... best thing today: Hot shower after three days of (nearly) waterless travelling...

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photo by: ejames01