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OK. So here I am.  The flight wasn't too bad.  The time went by very quickly for me. We left from Rochester to Dullis, from Dullis to Tokyo, Narita, and from Narita to Manila.  Tokyo was probably the best part of the trip by far.  I had to go through security twice.  The last time we had to go around security to go through security.  Needless to say, however, touching down in Manila was great.  There was a thunderstorm that hit and lightening was striking as we touched down.  So we walked into the airport and down the concord toward imigration. Walked through there and waited for our luggage to arrive, about 45 minutes.  Meanwhile, as I am standing there a woman asked me to grab her bags off the belt.  So I grabbed her bag and it kind of flew back.  I nailed some guy standing next to me.  I mean I really hit him hard. He looked like a kid who got a wedgie on his first day of school.  He went flying back about five feet and landed on his back in themiddle of a pile of luggage.  I fiercly apologized, and he walked away, looking over his shoulder.  I felt pretty bad.  So we got our luggage and walked through customs, I was nervous cause I had an entire bag of supplements with me and they have a sign that simply states-Death to Drug Smugglers by Philipino Law".  Walked through, went outside and realized we didn't have anyone to pick us up.  Oh and my cell did not work. Walked up to security asked to be let back in and the guard said no.  So I walked up to a nother guard and descreatly asked to bet let back in only realizing at that moment that if I wanted to use the phone I probably needed some pesos.  Long story short I talked him into letting me use his and he handed it to me underhanded and said "no one see you use this it is official"  Crap 1 hour in a new place and I'm already doing shady stuff.  Used the phone called the driver and haggled him from $10USD down to $2USD for the use of all his time. 

This place is pretty awesome.  The arcitecture in some places is really amazing.  I walked around clark today down from our house to the holiday inn for lunch.  I wasn't feeling outragously testy so thats why we went to the holiday inn-long night, I didn'yt get to sleep until 6am.  Anyway, I had a chance to meet some really nice people and the scenary is absolutely amazing.  It kind of reminds me a little like New Orleans in the summer time. I even saw a magnolia tree today.  You know what gets me though, its the little things.  Like a water buffalo sleeping in your yard.  I don't know, we don't have those back in the states.  I really think we should, it would be a great topic of conversation when your out. "That damn water buffalo was back again  Really?  Yeah he's always hangin around like a little lost dog"  Anyway, its 357am and I am beat.  I have to work all night which means no bars or anything during the week, blah.  Oh si apparently I learned thet the buffalo was domesticated, I am wondering, does that mean I can go play with it?

jen_proudlypinay says:
The water buffalo, "carabao" as we call it, is the philippine national animal.. It is one of the most important animals in the country. The carabaos help our farmers plough the farms. I love Carabaos. =)
Posted on: May 16, 2008
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