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So I am sitting here in the airport surrounded by absolutely no one.  It is completely quiet except for Reo Speedwagon and a cleaning person jammin out to the power ballad.  The last time I went anywhere it was LA.  That was about 4 years ago before moving from NC to NY.  Security check points are a heck of a lot easier.  You just walk in an enclosed space get shot up with air, wait and walk through.  If you're lucky enough you even get to have a conversation with security about full sleeves versus half sleeves and quarter sleeves and their impact on their friends and family.  Like seriously, are you kidding me right now.  This is what I am paying for, a conversation I could have at starbucks, shouldn't you be frisking me or something, maybe chasing down some bad guys.

Couple of helicopters from the airport in Rochester
I'm just sayin.  The guy that walked through behind me made the metal detector go off.  I would love an actual free society where you could say what was on your mind for real.  I would love to walk up to people like that who quarter by quarter remove enough pocket change to do a weeks worth of laundry after walking through the detector 2X.  Really are you that stupid, did you ride a short bus in today.  The guards asked you-do you have any metal or change in your pockets you need to take out-he thinks to himself-what?  Someone tell me that.  Anyway enough of the rant.

I have a 30 hour flight all up and in.  I thinks its about 20 and change to Tokyo and then from there we'll change planes and we're off to land in Manilla.

  When we arrive there should be someone waiting to drive us over to our flat in Clark.  Once we arrive in Clark the person we're working with will pick us up and take us out to discuss business.  Yup I'll be on top of my game then.  Eh, trip over I am planning on taking Melatonin to stave off most of the jet lag.  I am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing the philippines.  Every thing I have seen so far and everyone I've spoken to has me looking forward to landing and exploring.  I included a picture of my kids in this one because I am going to go crazy not seeing them for 6 weeks.  This morning my daughter gave me a care bear to take with me.  She showed me "all of her animals" and then gave that one to me to take with.  About 1/2 an hour later, she wanted it back because she realized that the "Pilitines" would eat it. :) So after a quick ride to the airport, I kissed my teary eyed wife good bye and entered into the airport. 

JeAr says:
nice start to the whole adventure :-)
Posted on: May 12, 2008
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Couple of helicopters from the air…
Couple of helicopters from the ai…
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