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When you're in Singapore, you'll notice if there's one thing the locals really enjoy, that's eating. Food is readily available 24/7 throughout the island. If you're into wining and dining, consider looking into the list of my favourite restaurants.

If you have access to the internet while in Singapore (oh yeah, there are quite a lot of wireless hot spots in Singapore, just look out for the "WirelessSG" signage. All McDonalds have hotspots, and they are everywhere...), i suggest surfing the web for restaurants reviews before you visit one. is comprehensive and even lists the specialties the restaurant serves.

For those of you who like to drink, corkage is free in some restaurants but not others. If you want to enjoy the wine you bought from Changi Airport while dining in Singapore, do give the restaurant you're visiting a call to enquire first, if possible. The contact info for most restaurants can be found in the hungrgowhere website listed above. In the event there's no free corkage, it usually costs around S$30 - 50 to open your own wine.

There isn't a tipping culture in Singapore. Almost all restaurants charge a service fee of 10% on the total bill. The total bill is also subject to a 7% Goods and Services Tax. Yeah... services fee on top of services tax. Do ask if there are any discounts offered for your credit card if you intend to pay by one.

Most restaurants also serve water on the house. So feel free to ask for one if you're thirsty :)


1. Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao - Marina Square
2. Mayim Chinese Cuisine (Located in the suburbs of Singapore. Will be putting up a post on tips on navigating the heartlands area for those of you who want a change from the usual touristy sights)
3. Grand Shanghai 大上海

[to be continued...]

mkrh says:
Thanks for these reviews. My wife and I are heading to Singapore this coming June and will be able to use to your advice in choosing places to eat. I am a dedicated foodie and love to hunt out interesting places to eat.

All the best and keep the reviews coming.

Michael :)
From New Zealand
Posted on: Mar 29, 2009
Strife says:
Heya Doris! That's great! I kinda get quite excited whenever friends from other countries tell me they like the food in Singapore; makes me wana bring them!

Hey Daj, then you should come over more oft! And i wana write about Japanese/Indonesian/Malay/Indian/Local Singaporean/Thai/Italian etc etc food reviews when i have more free time! :D
Posted on: May 11, 2008
martinikitty13 says:
very cool. i loved eating in singapore!
Posted on: May 10, 2008
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