Our 16 1/2 hour day trip to the Grand Canyon.

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On the slither of rock that we found...You should see the view from there!!

We started our day at 4:45 am....Yes, I did type that correctly...4:45 am...That's the time the alarm went off. We had to be at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino at 6am and the walk there was going to take us 20 minutes or so...so let's just say we were up pretty early that day!

Our coach driver was a really funny Mexican man (although he didn't realise he was so funny). He would tell us all about where we were going, and some of the history of the place and facts too. He was very knowlageable but the way he spoke was hillarious. He would change the tone of his voice all the time as if that made it easier for us to understand his accent and he would constantly repeat himself. The beginning and end of his sentences were exactly the same and so I found it quite amusing that we knew what he was about to say.

Litterally climbing back to solid ground.

We stopped off at the Hoover Dam first for a 10 minute photo opportunity. It is an impressive dam and if you are into structures and engineering that I suppose it is fascinating....I didn't quite see it that way. It's great, but to me, it is a lot of concrete holding back a lot of water. The Hoover Dam straddles the boarder between Nevada state and Arizona state and so, after a quick bus search by the police, we were on our way to Kingman Arizona, where we had a buffet lunch.

We drove through the Grand Canyon National Park and to Angel Lodge, for our first view of the Canyon. I must say, as we walked through the gift shop and out to the viewing terrace I did get a few tingles down my kneck as we were greeted with the awesome sight of the Grand Canyon for the very first time.

We were waiting for the rocks to fall and scare the crowd.
I am not good with heights and although the Canyon is huge and vast, both in it's width and it's depth, even I found it hard to be scared as the size is too much to comprehend. It was so hard to see which part was exactly the bottom of the Canyon and even where the other side was. It was hard for the eye to focus on and difficult for the brain to understand what we were seeing. After a few pictures, we got back on the bus and went to a second viewpoint.

This viewpoint had pieces of rock jutting out into the Canyon...and of course, John just had to go and climb out onto one...the thinnest, smallest one we could see. So, we climbed down a small part of the Canyon, past the small fence and the sign saying 'Do not cross barrier. Most people who have died here have done so because they passed the barrier' (we figured that if only most of the people who have died there did so because they passed the barrier the we were in a certain amount of danger anyway, and so we carried on.

..carefully). All of a sudden my fear of heights did start to kick in a little, but not enough to stop me from going out onto the ledge for a quick photo...besides, I was there now and John wanted me to take his picture anyway. Needless to say it was a little trickier to climb back up to where we originally were but we made it, dusted ourselves off and went back to the bus.

As always, the trip home seemed longer than the one to get there but the films and comedy shows shown on the bus helped the time to go quicker. We got back to our hostel at around 11pm which meant we had about an 18 hour day. Tired, but happy, we got some well deserved sleep....not re-surfacing 'till around 1pm the following day.

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On the slither of rock that we fou…
On the slither of rock that we fo…
Litterally climbing back to solid …
Litterally climbing back to solid…
We were waiting for the rocks to f…
We were waiting for the rocks to …
Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300