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He's looking for his watch.

We got back to Los Angeles after a brilliant ten days in Vegas, looking forward to staying somewhere other than the hood we stayed in last time!   We got the Greyhound again, long but a big money saver over flying.  We were right in the center of Hollywood, a stones throw from the walk of fame with all its stars on the street.  We just chatted to our Aussie room mates the first night (always Aussies??) and got some kip.  We had only one plan the next day, and that was to see Universal Studios.

 We got there around 11, and after some ticket issues (I forgot to bring one of them, whoops!!) we got in.

Me and my twin.
  We went to the more popular things first, starting off in the Shrek 4D theatre.  It was absolutely brilliant, I'm a Shrek fan (who isn't?) but I think anyone would enjoy it.  Its only 25 mins long, but its funny as anything in the first two films and the effects are mind boggling.  We left a little wet and jumpy (It is 4D after all) and headed for the Universal Studios tour.  This brought us on a tram around the different stages, and we saw them shooting CSI and Desperate Housewives, as well as the squeal to Bruce Almighty and a TV commercial.  The tour had loads of familar surprises, like King Kong attacking us, Jaws having a pop as well, a simulated flash flood and earthquake, and a ride through a mummy returns rotating cave.  All class.
The Delorian from 'Back to the Future'!!!!!
  Almost as cool as seeing the Delorian from the Back to the future movies!!  Great childhood memories.  I cried.

After the tour we went to the Backdraft studio which simulated a factory fire in scarlily real and close up detail, and we also saw Terminator 3D which had unbeleivable effects.  We went into "Van Helsings Lair" which was the actually movie set you could walk through, populated by loads of real people very convincingly dressed up as monsters and vampires.  After a change of underwear we went to the revenge of the mummy ride, a rollercoaster in total darkness which is weird but cool.  And then towards the afternoon we watched the "Waterworld" show, which has real actors and incredible stunts like crashing planes (Yes, full size planes!) and guys on fire.

  Great stuff, way better than the rubbish movie with Costner.  Then finally came the highlight of the day, meeting Donkey from Shrek and having our picture taken with him!!  More tears and girly screams.  ;)

It was an awesome day, well worth the entrance fee and We'd reccommend it to anyone.  Our next day was taken up with a trip to Vencie Beach, where all these artists and crazy folk meet up to sell stuff and perform.  Your as likely to see a 65 year old rollerblading in her bikini as a homeless guy sitting with a sign saying "will work for weed".  Its right on the beach and the weather was great, of couse, so it was a good day.  Now we are sitting in this interent cafe, about to finish this, head back and pack and get ready for our 12 hour flight to New Zealand tomorrow night.

  Which is giving me some problems of course, being a crap flyer, but hopefully I'll be fine.  We're not too sorry to leave L.A, its too big to do anything without a car really, and aside from Universal Studios, Venice beach and Disneyland (not going there on this trip though), there is'nt much to do as much of it is just mile after mile of rubbish housing and shops...  But San francisco was really, really nice, so pleasant to just walk around and enjoy, and Vegas was mind blowing, the most entertaining place I have every been or expect to be.  So it's a big thumbs up to America all in all, but bring on New Zealand (and some fresh air)!!  

lealealou says:
Hey Sam!!! Thanks for message. We are great, in New Zealand at the mo, in Auckland, we are leaving here to travel down through the South Island tomorrow. Glad you're all ok. We are tired but good, we left LA on Sun 8th Oct and didn't get to NZ till Tues 10th Oct, even though the flight was 12 hours long...we lost a whole day of our lives as we flew over the international date line!!! We were really jet lagged from that one and it took a couple of days of rest to get over it...nevermind, can't be too tired 'cos we are doing LOADS of travelling over the next week to travel down to Christchurch in the South Island, where we get our flight to Sydney on the 25th Oct. Keep an eye on the blog 'cos we try and update it fairly regularly...Anyway, email me back some time cos I'm not sure if I have anyone's email adress now since J's PDA run out of power and the memory got wiped!!! Take care...Hi, and love to everyone!!!!!!xxxxxxxx
Posted on: Oct 14, 2006
swans says:
Hello! Its only me, (sam) replying to the post card. Looks like your having an amazing time loving the photos. Will show all the girls in dancing we are going to make a bored of your travels. The lovely kids of blaen y maes keep asking how you are! Mam sends her love, and so does lucy and of course me. Keeping enjoying yourself. love Sam x x x
Posted on: Oct 09, 2006
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Hes looking for his watch.
He's looking for his watch.
Me and my twin.
Me and my twin.
The Delorian from Back to the Fut…
The Delorian from 'Back to the Fu…