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Let's Go Dodgers!! (That's what they all sing)

After a pretty gruelling 10 hour Greyhound bus trip to Los Angeles, we were really looking forward to getting to the hostel and going to bed....Then we realised we had booked ourselves into a 22 bed dorm!!!! AAARRGH!! It was fine though, nearly everyone was nice and respectful (and just as well after our long bus journey!) and we got a good night's sleep. The weather was very suspect the next day - overcast and grey and so we took the free shuttle from the hostel (The Backpacker's Adventure Paradise - bit of a joke but there we go!) and went to the Fox Hills Mall for a little retail therapy...although we were window shopping for the most part.

The next day, we set out with the idea that we wanted to see a baseball game.

Ummmm...The baseball game.
..A VERY American thing to do....We took the free shuttle (again!) to Venice beach and had a stroll along Ocean Walk. We liked Venice Beach...it has lots of craft stalls, street performers and people on bikes, roller blades and posers pumping iron. It's great during the day time but apparently not a place to go after dark.

We made our way along the beach, shoes in hand, to Santa Monica pier and decided to look for a bus from this area that was going as near to the Dodgers Stadium as possible. We asked one bus driver who directed us to a bus stop. We got on the bus and the moment I said we were going to see the Dodgers, the driver punched the air with excitement and said "YEAH!" It turns out that we had found the biggest Dodgers fan on the planet (an American Dodgers Basball fanatic like my Dad is with the swans).

LA Dodgers baseball game- home run!!!
This was great...He assumed we were also Dodgers fans and immediatly told us "put your money away. As you're Dodgers fans, you can have the all day pass free". We were chuffed. He told us all about the team and it's history on the ride there and what's more, he even went a little off his route to stop the bus as close to the stadium as he could...just for us!! I don't think the other local passengers were best pleased!

As we entered the stadium, we were up on the top tier looking down on the pitch. That is how everyone enters the stadium to find their seats. It is as if they built a stadium in a hole in the ground. The view as we entered the stadium was breathtaking and we would have been pleased to have just seen the stadium. The baseball game was fantastic. I had seen some ball games on the TV and was always really bored with the game.

It can be slow in places as the teams kind of try and pshyche eachother out between pitches and of course the ball is not hit each time it is thrown. But, when you are there, at the game, it is different. The crowd (49,000 seats of the 56,000 capacity stadium was full) is crazy, singing and cheering (not like in football though, they sing very wholesome, family style songs that children can enjoy too) and everyone is having a good time. We had a dodger dog, which is a famous LA Dodgers hotdog and sat down to enjoy nearly 3 hours of family fun. It was great...the organ is actually played live by an old woman (they showed her a few times on the big screen) and the visual aspect of the stadium was phenomenal. There are loads of screens and lights and so on and they keep you informed with how the game is going and facts on the player that is batting.
Even though the game can be slow in parts, it was great entertainment being at the stadium. It was a fab all-American night!! :)

For our last day in L.A before catching the Greyhound for Las Vegas, we took the public bus from our hostel to Hollywood. Our hostel was situated in 'The Hood' and was not at all the safest place to be walking aroung most of the time and certainly not at night. Some people in our hostel were ording pizza to be delivered from the pizza place across the road as they were too scared to cross over and pick it up themselves! It took us just over an hour on the metro bus to get to Hollywood and we got off on the 'Walk Of Fame'. We strolled around, reading the names on the stars on the street.

..John had his photo taken with his hero's star - Stephen Spielberg and then we went to the world famous 'Grauman's Chinese Theatre. We spent some time looking at the hand and footprints of the movie stars on the paving slabs outside the theatre and walked along the 'Walk Of Fame' to the shopping complex where you get a good view of the famous Hollywood sign up in the Hollywood hills.

After a few photos, we decided to go and walk to Sunset Strip on Sunset Boulevard. Not a good idea!! It is said that no one walks in L.A and we now have the blisters on our feet to show why. We walked down some of Sunset Bvld....I don't want to even think how far we walked....We got so far...stopped, realised that there is not really that much to see...a supposedly famous tatoo shop here, a famous hotel there and at the end of the strip, some bars.

...like Johnnie Depp's Viper Lounge and Whiskey-A-Go-Go....Was it worth losing all feeling in our feet? No, it wasn't, we decided...and so we turned back, walked I don't know how far (again) back to where we knew we could get the bus back home and rejoced at the simple pleasure of just sitting. We were happy that the bus journey was a long one as we needed the rest! At least we had a quiet, private room to go back to...Oh no, wait, we went back to our 22 bedroom dorm...actually it was alright, anything was better than the complete dive we stayed in when in San Francisco! :)

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Lets Go Dodgers!! (Thats what th…
Let's Go Dodgers!! (That's what t…
Ummmm...The baseball game.
Ummmm...The baseball game.
LA Dodgers baseball game- home ru…