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The child in the cradle
The storm arc the willows crooked
and drove the waters.
The wall was shaking
the highest tower top.

0h, that cottage on the dike,
with each new flag,
threatens everything, beam and roof,
crashing down.

How anxious the woman,
near the cradle of wood,
where a child lay dormant,
for her worth more than gold.

Concerned for both, woman and child,
there is her husband.
He also listens to the hurricane,
his fear is so great.

The kitten is sleeping by the fireplace,
it is a gray cat.
But see, the storm blows powerful by the chimney,
and the cat vibrates of the wet.

She shakes it off and jumps very quickly,
in 't cradle of the child.
A place, so everyone knows,
by cats very loved.

she lies very lovely in the cradle, but barely
she is on her spot there,
there`s a new crying flag,
destroying the house.

The water is entering the house,
with terrible force,
and man and woman and child together,
disappear into the night.

The morning comes, the morning sun,
shining to a large pond,
where yesterday were villages,
and a beautiful landscape was.

Those villages sank in the flood.
There was nothing left.
Many thousands
perish in one night.

Not one escape the flood,
that created this misery.
Not one? What drives over there then,
on the foaming river?

A cradle and on that cradle a cat,
but she jumps back and forth.
She wants to save them for the wet,
that comes up time after time.
The cradle floats,
to the Dordrechts wide dike.
There it`s quiet,
now it is stuck in the mud.

The people gathered together there,
they see the strange case,
take it and put
the cradle to the shore.

But see what is there in that cradle,
It's a helpless child.
it sleeps peaceful, that sweet child,
as if the night begins.

The people bow their heads humbly,

while a woman there said:
The hand of God has sent us this child,
please give it to me.

She picks it up and takes it with her,
now she was rich!
And after that day everyone called,
that place .... KINDERDIJK!


(I`ve translated this song from the old Dutch song)


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photo by: aggieaggie