did you have a nice day?! was it good?! i dont know, was it?

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well, got back off the train from kosice, and got back to the hostel at about 7 in the morning, and before we even got into the hostel, we heard a voice as we approached the door saying 'hello early birds, your breakfast is on the table'. it was gregory, and he had sorted us a breakfast for when we got back! fantastic! hehe
thats how nice they are in this place! hehe
was very tired, and the rest of the day just kind of passed. wandered around taking photos of all the things we have seen, which was nice, and got a fairly early night. though saying that, did sit up talking to sarah for a while. haha

today on the other hand. was it a good day? nice? interesting? all these words seem kind of wrong. yes it was a good day, but no i dont want to say that. no it wasnt nice in the slightest, but there was nothing wrong with us. yes it was very interesting, but you really dont want to know!

spent the day in auschwitz and birkenau today.

some of the things you see are just horrible! there are rooms with a selection of some of the possessions taken from te people when they first arrived. not only are there huge amounts of shoes, tooth brushes, all the things that you would take somewhere you expect to be living for a while, but also a huge room of human hair. they made them all get their hair cut off on arrival, and have kept a large amount of it. its really quite disturbing. possibly the worst bit in my opinion was the underground cells. there are three kinds, the starvation cells, that they were left in to starve to death as the name suggests, the suffocation cells, small cells with no windows of ventillation where people literally suffocated, and the standing cells, that are 90cm squared, the the people are forced to stand in, all night, no space to lie down, then sent to work, working the ass off all day, then back there at night. they literally died of exhaustion within days! and these cells they were sent to for stupid reasons, like they had lost a button on their camp uniforms, things like that! things they couldnt do anything about anyway!

so yeh, it was a good day, it was interesting, but at the same time it was horrible!

i am of the opionion that this place should be made into a compulsory school trip. its a horrible thing to see, but for those who didnt live through it, those who werent alive at the time, they should see this kind of thing, and learn from it. i think that while you can learn a certain amount fromhearing or reading about it in school, you never get the full pictyure of it until you see the places these people were forced to live, the places they were murdered, the way that their belongings and even hair were kept as if they were some kind of a relic from every person that went through this place.
its an important lesson, and only by learning about the past can we stand a chance of not repeating it. while it is something that many people for good reason want to forget, it should not be forgotten by everyone, or you run the risk of similar happening again, even if people dont want to admit it!

but thats just my opinion!

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photo by: vulindlela