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after having had very little sleep, being shit scared if im honest, and never having travelled anywhere alone before, i could not ask for a better start than the monk house! a branch off of tallinn backpackers, this hostel is amazing! its relativly simple, it is a hostel afterall, but as soon as you arrive you meet people, you start to have fun. no matter how tired etc. the actual building looks a bit like a large converted house. the rooms are all pretty decent sizes, with bunk beds in each, and the bathrooms are awesome! i wouldnt mind living in a place like this, i can tell you!
strangely enough, the people i met here so far have really shown me just how small the world is! a group of about 8 lads that are staying here all come from cheltenham. 20 odd miles from pershore. and the guy who runs the monk house has played cricket in pershore! how strange!
everyone is really friendly, we spent a rather long time this evening just sat with beer talking!... and watching the football! most people have no gone out, but due to lack of sleep i thought i might die! 2moro however is a different matter!

the actual town is a very strange combination of old and new. the vast majority of the city is very much like any other typical city, the tower blocks, chain stores, macdonalds, the lot. however, there is a walled section that is called the old town. here, the streets are winding and cobbled, there are some amazing churches, and just in general the architecture is amazing! i dont know that photos can really show the sights you can actually see! we went to the top of the city walls, and from there, you can pretty much see the line where the old town ends and the rest of the city begins, and its so strange to see!
tried some of the local spirit. vana tallinn. good god does that have some kick to it! like a flipping donkey! but its not too bad. an aquired taste so im told! haha. also fouind out that the minimum wage in estonia is around 70p. seriously, thats nuts!

im so amazingly tired now, and got lots of plans for 2moro. going to explore the town some more, fnd a beach, get a bus ticket, then off out to the early hours of the morning i believe. should be fun. considering getting a ferry to helsinki for the day. apparently it doesnt take very long, and figured it might be nice if i have the time!

so yeh, all in all, couldnt ask for a better start!
Hope everyone is well!
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photo by: Chokk