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brasov is a nice place! decided! haha

spent a fair while looking and wandering around the town, and the forrested mountains around make for great views, wqith the exception of the rather tacky BRASOV (hollywood style) sign on onwe of the mountains!

went to look around rasnov, bran and sinaia castles...

rasnov was the most castley of them all, seemed like a propper castle, but there was very little there. nice views, only slightly spoilt by the fog and rain!

bran, aka draculas castle, was impressive from the outside, but dissappointing on the inside. on the inside, its no different from any stately home! ok, so its only draculas castle in the book, the real vlad tepes has a catsle built nearer bucharest, but seriously, they really could have made something from it, knowing that they are going to get tourists from the whole dracua thing. but hey, we had warning that it wasnt that good, so not too dissappointed!

peles palace in sinaia was blooghy impressive! from the outside it was amazing, the inside astounding! the amount of work that must have gone into that place is unbelievable, it must be bloody priceless now!!

met some people in brasov who are also doing a bit of travelling. went to an amazing bar with them! it was called the for sale pub, you walked into the the dim candle lit bar, and your feet crunched on all the monkey nut shells lying around. when you sit down, they give you a bown of nuts and a menu, we had this interesting drink,.,. it was like a rather large shot, smelt and tasted like pig farms, and was advertised as being 50%, but this is apparently all they are allowed to advertise and sell, and considering how much it had changed from the night before (according to 2 people we were with!) we have a strong suspicion it was home made, and could have been anything! haha. all the walls were covered in transport tickets, and i felt i nshould leave something-turned out to be a polish tram ticket from krakow!

had some bloody awesome storms here! the first night one woke us up in the night, and no joke, it must have been going about 5 hours! never seen or heard a stporm that big!

anyway, should be going now, only one computer in this place!

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photo by: travelman727