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after being a bit dissappointed in riga, i must say, vilnius is a pleasant surprise. it is much more similar to tallinn, just seems a bit bigger i guess. there are dozens of churches around, and i must say they are, for the most part, incredible buildings! the whols place is clearly very well looked after! the hostel im in is very close to the old town, and in the other direction, the train and bus station, which is very convenient, and its not a bad place to stay either. dont seem to have really met any people here, but thats fine, im perfectly happy wandering around a place like this alone!

i have found out a fair bit about this place too actually, the history of places and so on. have written down everything i could, cos i know i will just forget it! im not quite so much in a rush to come back here, but it is a nice place, and itwould be nmice to come back!

i was sat in one of the parks yesterday, next to a cathederal, and infront of this cathederal there was a sort of procession that started up. they had a small kind of float thing, all brightly coloured, a guy with a microphone was chanting or singing something which was repeated by everyone around, there were people handing out books and waving inscence, i got the impression it was some kind of a religious thing. not a bad guess seeing as they went into the cathederal after a while.

one girl came to me and tried to give me some books, i told her i dont understand, and she just grinned at me, handed me a stick of inscence and said 'i think this you understand?' all i could do was smile! hehe. all the people here do seem very friendly.

saying that, i was sat in the same park, and the only nutter in the entire place seemed to find me! ok, nutter is maybe a bit harsh, but after sitting there for 20 mins with this australian guy telling me that i am liing in sin and need tobe reborn, because if im not i have sold my soul to the devil and will spend an eternity in hell in exchange for cheap thrills on earth, i cant think of much else to call him thats more fiitting. aside perhaps from a religious or spiritual fanatic! and no, im not going to go home tonight and become religious, realise im living in sin or whatever. for a start, im fine with living in sin, and secondly, if i went home religious, i think my family would disown me... if not that then certainly take the piss! haha.

also discovered (once again!) that i just cant help going to markets and buying random crap! haha!

anyway, that will do for now. going to kaunas for te night 2moro, so, will see what thats like! hehe. xxx

victoriareilly says:
haha... charming! well, either way, sure your birthday will be better than last year! haha. tho, up to a point, that was rather fun! :-P
got part of a birthday present for u the other day actually! haha.
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
Reilly-48 says:
dont worry i already have disowend you vikki (well unless i get a bday present from each contry :L:L:D:D thn i cn take u back )
Posted on: Jun 22, 2008
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