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took an long train from krakow to lviv in the ukraine yesterday. we arrived at about midnight, having left at about one in the afternoon. unfortunatly, we didnt sleep at all. we were sharing a cmpartment with a couple of people, who seemed quite nice, but we didnt really talk to them much!

long train, and it was for the most part pretty dull. we stopped for about 2 hours or so when crossing the border, for a reason that makes a lot of sense, but at the time i wasnt expecting and hadnt thought of! they had to change the wheels on the train, completely change them, so that they would fit the tracks in the ukraine. strange to think that there are no easier ways. i mean, why not just make us get off that train and on to another! save a good couple of hours. never mind eh. was the only interesting bit of that train. i dont mind long train journeys, but im not a huge fan. just get a bit bored after a while. spoke to a few friends, and tried (partially successfully) to learn the russian alphabet! haha

when we arrived, there appeared to be no one around! was about to phone them, when luckily someone turned up! they let us in and we pretty much went straight to sleep! tired!

wandering around today, and its the first place i really have felt a little out of my depth. its a big city, very few if anyone actually seems to speak any english! and everything is in the cyrillic alphabet, which i will admit is a little daunting!

went to book a train for 2moro night to go to odesa, overnight so we could sleep on the train, as it takes12 hours! and after much standing in line, got to a window, again to find tha tnot only do they not speak english, but they dont understand the written note i have due to thedifference in alphabet. i have tried to write odesa in cyrillic, and i think it helped. eventually, we established that there were no spaces on that train, so we had to go tonight instead. its a shame in a way, cos we dont get to see much of lviv, and i would have liked to have seen the cemetary i was reccomended multiple times by multiple people, but never mind., they city seems very much like any other big city, and as much as i love wandering round old towns etc, im not much of a city person. as i say, felt a little out of my depth. but hey, its all good, managing still, and the weather is spectacular still! haha. lets hope it stays that way!!


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photo by: mixueinchina