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got the bus, as planned, back to vilnius, expecting to get a bus that afternoon to warsaw, as the internet had told me. what the internet didnt tell me was that it was lying through its teeth (and yes im sure the bloodsucking bastard does have teeth!) and the bus was actually an overnight one that left at 9 in the evening and arrived at 5AM!!!!
so we get into the bus station in vilnius at about 3 in the afternoon. to begin with, we wander around, grab some food, sit in the sun... didnt want to go too far with the heavy bags, but didnt want to sit in the same place for hours. \

however, i then discovered that not only was the internet out to get me, but it had been plotting and scheming with the sky! it started raining, and when i say raining, i mean absolutly hammering down! literally would have needed to have stood outside for about three seconds to get soaked through! the last time i saw rain like that was at stupid o clock in the morning in leicester... took me days to dry my jeans etc... in hindsight maybe i should have stayed at home! haha. it didnt even rain that hard when our house flooded! haha
so yeh, we are then stuck in the bus station for hours. literally hours. about 5 of them. followed by another 9 hours on a bus. so not impressed with that. and sods law, didnt sleep on the bus either! get in at 5, absolutly shattered, wanting nothing more than to sleep!

but wait... theres more!!!

Some fecking youth hostel... what kind of youth hostel, bearing in mind most of the people in them are backpackers, arriving at all hours of the day... what kind of flaming youth hostel only lets you check in at three in the morning, thenkicks you out at 11 the next day?! its hardly worth the money!
so, absolutly shattered, wnd up wandering around warsawsold town. found a park, and as you do when your a bit of a tramp, fell asleep on a park bench. got a few odd looks so im told! haha!
ended up getting followed all voer the place by this dog. dont think it was a stray, it looked too well kept, and had a collar and everything, but it wouldnt leave us alone! just wanted company i guess. wnded up literally running through the grounds of a castle just to escape it. it worked! haha
the old town in warsaw is very nice, but to be honest i would probably struggle to keep myself entertained here for long.

one thing i would like to know tho... when we first went into the old town (about half 5 in the morning) there were a load of people packing away a load of statues. they were of bears, about 7 or 8foot tall, and coloured in the most amazing patterns. representing sountries all over the world (twigged this when i notices the 'statue of liberty bear' haha.)

what were they there for? and why did they take them away?! 
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photo by: scarlettwitch