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got into riga yesterday. was shattered whe i got in so didnt really do much, just bumming around the hostel. iits not a bad place, but doesnt quite stand up to the last place i was in. but then it will take a lot to top that i think.

riga itself isnt bad. its a nice enough place, but the old town is a little dissappointing if im honest. its become so mixed with the new style buildings etc its begining to lose some of its character.

still, not a bad place.

ended up on a boat trip for an hour today. cost me 2 lats, which is about the equivalent of 2quid. not bad. some nice views from the river.

i can pretty much take or leave riga, thinking i might move on a day early and go to vilnius 2moro. emailed the hostel and just waiting on a reply now. hopefully i can extend my stay there etc. gives me a bit of freedom i guess, and as nice as it is, i thik i would struggle to keep myself entertained for another day in riga.

we'll see. bit tired today already, but then i have spent the entire day walkin around. ran into angela again today (girl i met in tallinn) shes flying home today, ended up stopping and grabbing a drink with her which was nice.

i think i have actually started talking to myself. no, thats a lie, i have always talked to myself, i have just started to notice it! haha. replying to myself and such. ah, its all good, just tired.

anyways, im going to get back to bumming around, nice and relaxed! haha

bye for now :)xx

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