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ok, so i spent 6 hours on an overnight train, unfortunatly all the sleeper carriages were booked to an overnight train, on a bench style seat with minimal cushions, uncomfrtably, bumpy train, screeching brakes when it stopped, and it stopped so suddenly that every time i nearly fell off my seat and cracked my head on the stupidly small-beyone-all-possibly-use table that was by my head. yes, i could have turned around, but then my head would have stood the possibility of colliding with the door handle,. so couldnt win!
and, couldnt sleep!
So, tired by the time we arrive in poprad. find that for some reason the cash mahines dont like my card, so have to wait from 6 when the train arrived til 11 so i can exchange money and get the next train out to spisske vlachy.
so i wait.


already begining to dislike this place!

get on the train, only about an hour this time... watching for the stop the whole way... none of them are very clear as to where they are! but do manage to find the right stop, then have to get a train to spissky podhradie. all this to see a castle. but to be fair, i do really want to see it, looks bloody impressive, and i can pretend that i have bee doing very cultural things on my trip if i come home with some pictures of castles! haha

get the spisske vlachy, to find the train that i should have gotten i missed because i was delayed by bloody cash machines (just goes to show you should not rely on a visa card being accepted everywhere! bastards!)

so walk up to the bus station. or try to. cant find it in the end. turns out that spisske vlachy is a small backwards little hick town in the middle of nowhere, where english speaking people stand out like a sore thumb... (have never understood that saying, cos when somethings painful, so often it doesnt show! take papercuts for example... they are a bitch, but look pathetic! anyway, thats beside the point!!)
so, in the end, end up getting a train straight from there to kosice... miss the castle :-(
does make the past days seem like a bit of a waste of time. not got an overnight train back to krakow... and booking that was a bitch too! asked the woman if we could book a bed o the train. there were none left, so we asked for a seat. she told us tehre were none of those, which left us screwed! the next train wasnt for 12 hours, and the police were moving people out of the station for sleeping in there, so that wasnt an option, and didnt want to book accommodation, it costs too much! so, mild panic for a while, then ask another woman, who books us seats no problem. this was swiftly followed by a lot of swearing and cursing the woman who told us there were no seats. what, is it a perk of the job to give people a heart attack and stand back and laugh!??! bitch. lol

not a complete waste though! the mountains are beautiful, and have prompted me tod ecide than in a couple of years time, im going to do another trekking expedition, possibly in slovakia in the mountains, possibly elsewhere, not decided yet, but definitly a challenging active trekking style trip! more in the style of mongolia than europe.

anyone fancy joining me?!

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photo by: Cho