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I am yet to complete my blog entry for my trip on Myanmar, but i decided to write this small entry/plea  already.

I landed on Yangon,Myanmar and was put on awe with its beauty,the land is rich in culture and the burmese people are one of the warmest people i ever met.This week i left Yangon in a devastated state. The area was hardly hit by the cyclone,from what the locals says, it is the strongest in 50 years. Along with my friends and sister, we were in the road as the cyclone unleashes itself, we have seen ancient old trees uprooted, electricity wires posts hanging listlessly, boards, roofs and debris all over the road.The place has now limited electricy, limited water supply, and the already restricted communication line is almost non-existent.

I have seen resilience of the human spirit in many forms; i have seen locals braving the cyclone just to extend their help not only to their fellowmen but also to tourists like me; i have seen locals trying to re-built their homes and 'normalize' their lives with whatever resources they have. Although, i am grateful that i am alive and well, there are still lots of people there struggling to just survive.

Based from the news, the toll now is more than 22K. Many would argue that this is only a mere approximate, all i can say is that i know and have seen that Myanmar people needs help.

Politically, i have  issues with the junta,I am also dissed that they are delaying the distribution of aids and how the rest of the world has no news on the real status there.But again, this is the time  to set aside political opinions and focus on more urgent things. Big organizations such as Unicef and Direct Relief international, are now open for donations, any amounts, big or small, might just make a difference:


Please note I am not part of any of these organizations, but i just wanted to 'spread' info on how we can help.

To those who have sent their emails/PMs, concerned about my whereabouts during the cyclone,thank you so much. Those words meant a lot to me and now i know the people who will actually miss me.

Isabetlog says:
at may kasabay pa na kurot sa pwet! :D
Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
aoisoba says:
kuya ted>ah si ays po ung kasama heheheheh kung dalawa lang kami ni apo eh yayakapin ko sya at nde na ako bibitaw! hahahahh
Posted on: May 12, 2008
ted332 says:
I didn't know that Foyan, Diovie,Iya, and your sister were with you and Apo. Akala ko dalawa lang kayo ni Apo. Thank GOD you are all safe!!! Ingat-ingat na lang tayo sa biahe.
Posted on: May 11, 2008
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