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Today Andrew took his daughter to the Adelaide zoo for her birthday. Not just a normal visit to the zoo but a behind the scenes tour and entry into the zoo before the rest of the general public.

As our children are all grown up and we have no grandchildren, we have not been to the zoo for years. The Panda's, Wang Wand and Funi are a special attraction there now. They are on loan from China and of course the hope is that they will mate and create more little Panda's which will have to be returned to China.

This is not a cheap tour to do but it covers entry to the zoo before everyone else, a tour guide for up to 3 hours and of course the close up look at the Panda's. Andrew said the queue was long and he overheard someone saying that they would not be able to get in to see the Panda's because of that.

Of course that didn't affect Andrew and his daughter as they were already there.

The tour guide then took them on a tour of the zoo, although no one was obliged to stay with him. The people on the tour also got a voucher for a drink and cake and were given discount if buying any of the Panda items from their shop. Andrew bought his daughter the soft toys of Wang Wang and Funi.

I had chosen not to go because I would rather wait to get to China one day and go to the Sanctury. However I did want to know why Andrew bought his daughter the Panda's and didn't buy me any. :)

I will have to go to the zoo one day but I think I will wait to go with small children or visitors to our city.

The photos have been taken by Andrew of course. It is interesting to see the sizes of baby Panda's though. Apparently the photos are of Wang Wang as they rotate who stays in which enclosure. They do not put the Pandas together until mating time but by changing their enclosures, they get the smells of each other, so they are used to it.

sUrAbUyA says:
Great photos! I LOVE pandas! We are talking about possibly going to see the reserve in China next April. I had looked at your Adelaide blog before but missed this last part. I was interested in the roller derby photos too as I have always loved that too from when they skated in Chicago to a few years ago when they began calling it RollerJam and they filmed the games in Orlando. We went to almost every one and became friends with some of the skaters.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2010
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photo by: shirlan