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Okay, this might be a strange blog for here but I just needed to do it.

To start this story, Andrew and I moved to the town of Kapunda in 1995. It is a town that is growing but also a town that you are never really part of unless you were born and raised there or you have lived there for so many years, and have been a member of nearly all of the clubs. Two of our children were in High School so we sort of got known, but didn't frequent the pubs or join the tennis clubs etc.  Through a work situation, we met one couple who had lived in Kapunda for years, were members of all sorts of clubs and had had 3 children who were still going through the school system there. They are a very well known couple. Colin and Pauline.

We only stayed in Kapunda for about 7 years and although we saw a few people occasionly, always meant to catch up properly but were always too busy. We were like that with Colin and Pauline. Last year a person that I work with went overseas and part of the trip was on a European bus tour. The person I work with was chatting to a couple on the bus and they asked if she knew us. Needless to say, one of the first comments was "I go to the other side of the world and meet people that you know". It was Colin and Pauline. I laughed and said I couldn't help being so famous. Haha

I did catch up with Colin and Pauline for a few minutes after that trip and they were so happy. It was their first overseas trip, and they had won it! Of course, the travel bug had bitten and this year they booked a cruise on the Mexican Riveria, went to LA and Vegas. The last time I saw them they had just returned and were beaming with happiness and were exhausted. We agreed we would have to meet up again and chat about thier adventures and see all the pictures. I have seen some that Pauline has put on Facebook but again the weeks and a few months have gone by. I had noticed Pauline had not been on Facebook for about 2 months.

Today, I turned 55, I had for many different reasons got the day off work. I had made a 2pm appointment with a travel agent to book our airfares for next years holiday. I then had a 4pm appointment at a park with a couple who are getting married next week. All exciting!

Unfortunately I then got the news. Pauline had died from cancer. It had been aggressive and fast. All I could think of was why were we always to busy to catch up! Now it was too late but I remember seeing her so happy after her travels and was so glad that through a chance winning of one holiday, they had gone again.

Andrew and I went to Paulines funeral this morning. So many people there to say farewell. A day of sadness but a celebration of her life. She didn't make it to her birthday on the 26th of September, when she would have only turned 52.

I think that is why I wanted to write this blog here. Although Pauline had much happiness in life, it is the look on her face after returning from the overseas holidays that I will remember.

Needless to say, there are no photos of today. I felt that was inappropriate.

vulindlela says:
Sorry to hear.
Life is so short......
Posted on: Sep 19, 2010
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