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This morning we decided to drive to the beaches near Victor Harbour.     Bashams Beach and Middleton Beach.

Although Andrew and I take drives to this area quite often, it is close to the end of the whale watching season there and my sister had not been down there for at least four years.

There had still been a mother and calf at Bashams Beach yesterday so that was the first place we headed for. When we arrived we had a look to see if we could spot the whales but could only see some seals.

We were waiting for our daughter Sarah and her fiance Rick to turn up then were going to move around the coast to Middleton Beach.

As it was a long drive to Bashams Beach and we weren't too sure where we would end up, I decided to use the toilet at Bashams Beach.

My sister said she would do the same. I told her there was only one so I would go first.

When she saw the toilet she started to laugh. I went in and she said "I hope there is toilet paper".  I said yes, but there is no hand/wash basin.   Then she asked if the toilet at least flushed.  I laughed and said no.  It is a 'long drop'.

I took a few photos of this Aussie Dunny. It is fairly open, so if there is a strong wind it is very cold.

If it is raining you get wet. Of course if there are snakes around, they can get in too.

For anyone that doesn't know what a 'long drop' is: it is a very deep hole in the ground and that is it.

This one is more sophisticated though as it has a toilet bowl that you can sit on but it is still just a deep hole.

The type of toilet that can have Redback spiders and snakes in it.

Anyway, we sort of saw a whale in the  distance but nothing worth worrying about. We then went to the Middleton hotel for lunch.

Rick went to Middleton Beach for a surf and the rest of us drove around the coast a bit and went into Victor Harbour for a while before taking Sarah back to Middleton Beach where Rick had then finished his surfing. There were a lot of surfers there.

Then we had a long drive home.  A great day though. :-) Even saw some kangaroos.

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Victor Harbour
photo by: Adrian_Liston