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Cam, KL and Ashley in the Colloseum.

So today started a little later than usual as we all needed a sleep in after the major walking around we've done since we arrived in Rome. Breakfast at the hotel again, which of course provides a good solid start to the day. Off on foot again with the princess in pram off to visit the Colosseum and the Vittorio Monument. On the way, we had to stop at an intersection where the police wouln't let anyone cross the road. There were police everywhere!!! We figured that some VIP was about to drive past and we were right. The Turkish President, Serez, drove by in full motorcade, being police motorbike escort (which completely surrounded his vehicle). Ambulance in the back of the motorcade following two very nice looking black Bently's driven by a single dude each.

Nick inside the Colloseum
Obviously the getaway cars. Fairly impressive sight.

Once at the Colosseum, we decided to hook up with a tour guide which was a good move. The guide was entertaining and you learn much more than just listening to some boring pre-recorded electronic guide. Well worth the visit and definately a Must-Do when in Rome.

A quick bit to eat at a kiosk car just out side the Colosseum. Dont do this guys. It's expensive and stale and probably a good place to pick up some nasty bug. All those meat paninis sitting in the stand, no refrigeration. EEurgh. Oh, and 5euros for a bottle of coke.

The tour continued over at the Palatine Hill, the historical birth-site of Rome and the major residential area of the Roman Emperors. The guide for this past was very well versed on her history.

Cam, KL and Ashley with Colloseum in the background.
Not just a boring memorised speel but very enthusiastically told story of Rome. Both guides were from 'RomeAround Tours'. Yes they hawk at the entrance to the Colosseum but its well worth the extra 10euro per person. Unbelieveably we got a discount for the entry just because we are from Adelaide. Apparently if you are from South or Western Australia you get discount. Cool, we say.

Back to Palatine Hill, sorry for the digress..... the ruins there are pretty impressive considering the age. By the way, Palatine Hill is very pram UNfriendly!! Colosseum is good though (has a lift).  The tour ended with a great view over Forum Romanum... stunning! This is the Rome we came to see, not the dirty, filthy part. Anyhoo, we walked down through the Forum (even more pram UNfriendly) but had to stop in front of the Temple to Julius Caesar so I could feed Ashley.

Nick and Ashley with Colloseum in the background.
How's that for an interesting place to breast feed, sitting on a 2000 year old block of marble from the ruins!!! Thats a story for the grandkids.

Once done with the Forum we walked around the corner to the Vittorio Monument which is a very impressive building. Could do with a good clean but so can most of Rome. Walked up all the bloody stairs (with pram) and ended up finding the back door to the museum part. Had to feed the monster in there as well. On the way out we found the lift so we managed to get down easily enough. Shame we didnt find the lift on the way up. Thats because it is in some back corridor hiden away.

On the way home we stopped at the intersection of the Piazza Colonnade? to watch the traffic chaos. Entertainment!! Walked past the back of the Palament just after President Serez got back inside.

Ashley with Colloseum in background
. once again police everywhere. Then back to the hotel for another rest, as we are all foot-sore and weary. Poor us! HAHAHA.

We headed around the corner for Pizza for dinner. Once again everyone loved Ashley and we enjoyed a beautiful dinner. That is until Ashley decided to do a big pooooooo. KL took her to the bathroom and did the best she could but there was still poo all over her inside singlet all the way up to her shoulder blades. Send help!! We hurried up and finished dinner and returned to the hotel for a good nights sleep before our big day on the road.

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Cam, KL and Ashley in the Colloseu…
Cam, KL and Ashley in the Collose…
Nick inside the Colloseum
Nick inside the Colloseum
Cam, KL and Ashley with Colloseum …
Cam, KL and Ashley with Colloseum…
Nick and Ashley with Colloseum in …
Nick and Ashley with Colloseum in…
Ashley with Colloseum in background
Ashley with Colloseum in background
Ashley being fed while KL sits on …
Ashley being fed while KL sits on…
KL and Ashley taking in some views…
KL and Ashley taking in some view…
Cam and Ashley on the Vittorio Mon…
Cam and Ashley on the Vittorio Mo…
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