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Hard to believe it was already here - Melanie had asked me months before about going to the concert with her and I was excited to see Alanis again!  We had awesome seats and I knew it was going to be great!  Sadly, I was still sick - the whole reason I made sure to lay low and take care of myself all week and yet, today was the worst I had felt.  Uuuuugh! 

Mel and I were scrambling to get ready and came out of the respective bathrooms to leave and uh, we were dressed alike - no, more like identically!  It was not planned but right down to the mismatched sweater - we were dressed alike! LOL. 

We arrived and got right in, being escorted like VIPS. Whoo Hoo!  We were instantly entertained by the Verizon screens displaying various text messages people had sent in while sitting there waiting for the show to start.

  We furiously sent off a couple messages which were posted almost instantly.  Then we started figuring out all the cool ones we could've done but they had stopped doing the messages for a bit.  WAHHHH!  Once they came back on, there were too many messages it appears and our new ones never made it up there.  Awwwww. :-( 

In the meantime, we were watching all the disgusting couples making out in front of us. And not just kissing, they were all over each other...really they needed to get a room!  And next to me were two girls who talked rather loud the entire time about their miserable marriages and how they hated men and low and behold, about 10 minutes into the concert they were all over each other. HAHA. 

The show was awesome!  Mel was dancing and singing away although I couldn't really since I was so sick with no voice.

  Towards the end of the show, the girls next to me were getting annoyed with the couples looking like they were about to rip each others clothes off and made a comment to which I laughed at as well.  Well, it became crystal clear almost immediately they thought Melanie and I were a couple based on a couple comments they made to me. HAHA.  Too funny!  Mel had no clue what was going on and I am sure us being dressed alike didn't help.  Once I told them I had a boyfriend in Europe, they were not as interested in chatting anymore.  LOL.

After the concert ended, we checked out one of the newer bars in Hard Rock which was pretty empty and no where to sit so we were leaving when Sal texted he was at PH with some friends.  We went over there and met up with him for a bit until we were all exhausted and decided to call it a night.  I was planning on leaving that Sunday to head back here but figured based on how I felt - I might still be at Mel's for another day or two. :-)

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