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My parents always went camping in the mountains. As soon I was old enough they took me to the mountains too. Most of the time to France and to Austria for skiing. Suisse was favorite too, but became rather expensive. My parents never liked the ocean so we always went to the mountains.

It started with hiking. Later my dad took me mountain biking. And that is great in France! There is nothing better than after a day biking, heavy climbing and steep down hills, taking a swimm in a mountain lake, making a bonfire, bbq and having some drinks watching a clear sky full of stars... That's where my love for the mountains came from.

With my parents I never did anything more adventurous than skiing, hiking or biking. When I didn't go on holiday with my parents anymore I started doing more adventurous things like climbing, abseiling, rafting, canoeing, caving, via ferrata, rap jumping and other activities in France, Austria, Italy and Sweden.
When I started studying Sport Management & Business at the sports academy of Amsterdam (ALO) I had a subject Outdoor Sports. Here I learned to be an outdoor sports instructor/guide. I worked Wales (see my other blog Wales 2006), the Caribbean (Nevis, see my other blog working and living in the Caribbean) and the USA (see my other blog). Between every journey I worked in Belgium. Unfortunately there is not much work in winter time in Europe. And at the moment, after two years of traveling, I'm broke. So no money to go to a warm country and work there. Plus I haven't seen most of my friends in a long time. So I finally have time to socialize again!

Mountain biking is one of my favorite activities. When I saved enough money I bought my own mountain bike, shoes and helmet. The faster the better. But by pushing my limits I made a crash every now and then. It's a miracle that I didn't break a bone with biking, cause I've broke a lot of bones in my life. Caving is great too. It's a world most people will never experience. The organization I work for in Belgium owns two caves. I love taking people in the cave and crawl and slip through the small corridors with a helmet and headlight. Rafting is cool too. But after Nepal I take it easy (see my other blog Nepal 2008). I didn't do much guiding myself yet, but it's a lot of fun. Still getting better. The Zambezi is still on my long list of things to do on this earth!
I use to do a little indoor and rock climbing too, but unfortunately I don't have time anymore.
The problem of liking all those different sports is that I want to have my own gear. And that is so expensive! Winter gear, summer gear, water sports gear, mountain sports gear and every thing else I didn't mention. Good thing is that quality stuff lives long.

In about ten-fifteen years I hope to be the owner of my own outdoor sports organization. Don't know where in the world yet. But the best location would be there were there is a combination of mountains, white water, beautiful weather and beaches... Any options?
September 2009 I'm going to explore Australia and I want to work for an outdoor sports organization. Can anybody help me out?

Koralifix says:
Great blog - sounds absolutely exciting!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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