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So my friend had been living in Bologna for a while and since I didn’t visit her when she stayed in France for 1 year, I felt it only right I should visit her in Italy! Ah Italy….


My other friend and I set off on valentines day (how romantic!) from Prestwick to Pisa I think it was. Our friend picked us up in a car she had hired for the day, which was great.

She we had already packed a CD so we could play and sing a long and what happens??? The car has NO CD PLAYER!! It has a cassette player though….how outdated. So Claire comes to the rescue (well depends how you look at it) and I play the songs which I had transferred onto my phone for the plane journey. Needless to say, they weren’t everyone’s taste because I’m so cheesy with my music (think Duran Duran, S Club 7 and Elton John and you’re coming close! Hehe) compared to them where you would have lapped up Alanis Morissette (actually I quite like her) and Radiohead - no thanks. SO I was in my element!!! Lol.


We drove from Pisa Airport through La Spenza and along, what I can only describe as death valley into Le Cinque Terre once again. (We were reliving old memories from our back packing trip). Now one friend doesn’t drive so she choose to sit in the back and I think keep an eye on her shoes…strange!! And I’m in the passenger seat.

My two friends are bricking themselves because of the height we are up and because we are so close to the edge…bear in mind I’m in the passenger seat so I’ll be first out the window if we do go over the cliff! Both cry babies if you ask me. I was told I was allowed to drive the car as well, which I would have, a part from the fact so I could say I’ve driven in Italy but I think my friend preferred to drive. Don’t know if that was her way of saying she felt safer driving herself…


Once we left Riomaggorie we started heading back to Bologna, but before we got there we stopped at Parma and had dinner. My friend and I felt like tinks since we had been travelling since 4am that morning! Back on the road again and I think it was about 10pm when we starting driving back and what happens…..we get lost!!! And what else!!! We start running out of petrol! So….we pull into a petrol station, now at this time they’re all closed for the night but you can still use them as you can insert your card and so it all electronically much to our relief. So we pull in…don’t have a clue to use and we notice that transvestites are hanging about. Not wanting to get pulled in by the police thinking we were up for a bit of action, we quickly bolt • not without having a good stare as we pass! I think we finally arrived in Bologna about midnight…zzzzzzzzz

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photo by: travelfan1963