Falafel Balls, Lap Dance, Hookah, and Piano Bar with stripper show from Rene...what a night!!

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Well there isn't much else to say that has not been said on Rene, Mel, or Sal's blog! I guess I was not fast enough writing a blog. All I can say is I had yoga and a work event and bailed on all of it to go on a mini meetup with the VCC and Rene visiting from PI. I am SO glad I did! Mel got lost on the way to my house even though she has been there several times. I ended up leaving my house and driving towards her to try and find her. It was so funny. We finally found eachother and Mel parked, and off we went! We got to the spot and nobody was there so we walked into the fro yo place and it was one little machine dispensing fro yo. Mel and I are FRO YO snobs, this was not good enough for us. So we left and waited outside. RJ called and he arrived.

Yay! We met Sal's friend Luis who was sitting there the whole time we wandered about in the parking lot etc. We debated on if we should go inside and since we were all starving we went in. We ordered and Mel and I ordered way too much coz we were starving. Sal and Rene arrive. Yay! Rene is full of smiles. He sits down and we talk then Mel realized he didnt even order yet. Poor guy haha. We had a blast at dinner chatting it up and laughing our heads off. Sal and RJ said some really out there things, we were like WHOA hahahah. It was soooo funny! Tooo much laughing!!!! Mel gave us a show with her falafel balls and we took tons of pictures. I didnt bring my cam because I just knew I wouldnt need to. Heck, I am with TB's. We are bound to have at least 3-4 cameras among the bunch.
I was right!! We spent a long time at dinner coz we talked about fro yo afterwards but it was already past 11pm. We went to the side where hookah is, and I was afraid we would be too loud coz it was kinda quiet. Little did I know we were sitting hear the future lap dance/boxer  man of my dreams hahahah. We enjoyed some X-rated hookah. Very fitting for our group! Now that the W is coming out of the closet, it's coming out tooooo much. After hookah and eyeing this guy all night (I kept telling Mel he was yummy), he somehow sat at our table. I asked him for a lap dance! Now thats balls if anyone knows me, I am really really really shy!!!! Ackkk he was like so ready and willing to give me a lap dance. I almost died! It was a show everyone laughing and taking pics.
Good times!!!

I wonder what Rene is thinking of our VCC group. hahahha. So we decided to go over to Harrah's to the piano bar. RJ did not join us. I had never been. Lots and lots of drunk people! We were totally sober. I was super tired since I was up since 5am. Mel woke me up with a banana hot fudge sundae from Ghiradelli. YUM!!! Thanks Mel! Mel and Sal knew the words to every song. I on the other hand barely heard of half the songs lol. Best part of the piano bar was Rene going up on stage and dancing to "I'm too sexy" and some chick jumpin up on stage and taking his shirt off and swinging it around. Lol, I almost peed in my pants!!! It was a good time as always with the VCC. Till next time!

RJ82 says:
i know you had a great time! ;p
Posted on: Oct 26, 2008
pvtjoy says:
You guys are having too much fun without me!!!!
Hope all is well - may be in Vegas this week - will call you - may need a place to lay my head! Call you when we know more - possibly Tuesday thru Friday AM...will call you!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2008
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