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Ok ladies, you all have got me addicted, wanting more. Tsk tsk! I can't say I have converted yet since I have not become part of the "10 girls to 1 guy" in the bed pics (which I see don't appear on TB)...but u might get me to convert one day. Just be patient. =P As I told Julz, watch out! lol jk jk. I am an angel... :)

Anyway spent all morning at my favorite part of LA-Farmer's Market! Don't think anyone knows this but I love raw/vegan/organic/vegetarian food and so getting stuff like that is a big plus since Vegas has no farmers markets. Well, Sal's house does not count! haha. :)

Afterwards met up with a few TB's for brunch at "The Waffle" in Hollywood. Was expecting Jillian since she bribed me to come, but she was not there! Apparently all the girls were just relaxing at Joy's house :) It's ok, I  had a good time with Tracy, Belinda, Jenn, and Will!!! :) Afterwards, went home, got my stuff and picked up Mellemel in the valley.

We were headed back towards the 702 when Mel asks me if I want to hang at Joy's. Uh-oh, I know how this goes! We were going to be stuck there forever, partially coz I know I would not want to leave! Mel assured me she would make us leave after 10 minutes. Hmm. OK I was down. 1 hour later (or more) we leave. Time flew by. Time flies when ur having fun. I think I spent 20 of those minutes being a photographer (of some sort) with Erin and nevermind, but yes, I was a photographer hahahah! :) We say our good byes and get in the car. They are leaving to get ice cream and Mel and I look at eachother and don't want to go. We follow them! Lol. Can't get enough!! So, we go to Baskin Robbins with a bubble blowing contest which Julz won, and finally, we are going home. Sad but true, we gotta go. I have work the next day. Sigh. A fun weekend. So glad I got to spend more time with all of you. You guys are wonderful. Till next time!!  =)

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photo by: jenn79