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after arriving in delhi ..... it seems so long ago now .... my mind really freaked out ..... it had been 1 year since i had been in india & it seems that the more time i spend away the more of a shock it is to come back .... however my friend from madhya pradesh , vijay knew i was coming & he arrived the next day ( an 18 hour journey i might add ) & absolutly insisted i come back with him to his village churhat, which is quite an isolated area of north east madhya pradesh. I spent the next 2 weeks there unwinding & had a fantastic time. Vijay is from the royal family of that area & for them a guest is treated with the highest respect. I was never allowed to open my wallet even 1 time ... there would always be someone there to pay for whatever i wanted. But on this visit which was my 4th to the village i got a little wild & broke a few of the rules. I realised this one morning when i went for chai to the ardivasi (aborigional or lowest of the low cast) village with a really cute muslim guy who had decided i was his best friend. I could tell from the reactions of vijay's family that i had crossed the unspoken boundaries of caste as they are rajput, which is near the top of the system & royal at that.
I had lots of fun with my MP3 & was able to hook it up to their car stereo. In the evening we would go to this very elegant old guest house on the outskirts of the village & make our own disco in the carpark. One nite i managed to get about 5 or 6 guys dancing with me to madonna's confessions album & had a blast. I'd had a bit of a smoke & danced nonstop for about 2 hours which really floored these guys, most of whom were early twenties & couldn't keep up.
Next day was ganesh festival so with a few of my new village friends i jumped into the chaos of Ganpati. With ganash in the back of a truck & loudspeakers blasting bollywood music at deafening levels about a 100 of us danced our way thru the back lanes of the village for hours in the hot sun ..... all the village came out to watch & we finally ended in the center of the village in a cresendo of wild dancing & blasting music ... all traffic grinding to a stop till i could hardly stand up .... after a rest in the temple & with another truck full of the dancers off we went to the river to immerse ganesh in the water & have a bath. All day long people thru colourd powders at us so one minute you'd be pink the next green, blue etc. That evening when i made my way back to vijays house i realised i'd crossed another boundary but this time uncle was furious with me .... that i'd gone off without one of them to protect me from the riffraff ..... thing is none of them were interested in the festivities & i could tell it was also below their social values to cavourt in the street with the common villagers. All was soon forgiven but the next day from the reactions of people in the street i could also tell i'd won the heart of the village. 
One day i did yoga with vijay's sister's husbands brother. He was very sweet .... i showed him some poses & he showed me some. We did it in this small hot room in our underwear & it was difficult for me to stay focussed but i have always behaved myself in this village so there was no extra activities. His brother is his yoga master & he has been selected to participate in the next olympics in judo.
anuj5050 says:
thanks for like my village
Posted on: Feb 06, 2013
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