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"Eyes on Horses" One of the drinking games at the backpackers!
Wow!  I've already been out of Australia for a month!  times flying!  So the first hostel I stayed at, I think I already mentioned I didn't love it.  So moved to a new one in London Bridge!  That was fantastic!  Stayed there for 5 days, and had a big group of friends there, lots of partying and mucking around with all of them.  Was a lot of fun staying at that backpackers!

I've since started working at the Walkabout Pub in Islington, and moved into a room above the pub.  Living with an Aussie guy around my age, and a Kiwi guy whos a bit older and is the assitant manager.  Both of them, and all the staff are all really friendly and fun!  Work is alright, a bit different to Star Track where the days use to fly by, and a 12 hour day felt short; compared to here on a Monday afternoon, and its dead, a 6 hour shift feels like 10 hours!  But the weekend nights, the pub turns into a night club and get really busy, so those shifts go much  faster!
Its great living above the pub, i can get out of bed 10 mins before i start, and when I do split shifts, I walk up the stairs and I am home!

I bought a tiny laptop over here, it has a 7inch screen, so small!  But has wifi and a webcam, so I am able to jump on it in the pub and use their free wifi!  Which is very handy, and it weighs less than a kg, so perfect to travel with!

Zak arrived a week ago, and I had a couple of days off work, so we spent his first night at the backpackers I stayed at, then caught a half an hour train ride to visit a friend from Melbourne, and stayed at her house!  Since then, Zak has been staying in my room upstairs, job hunting.
The Eye and Big Ben
  He actually found a job today,  which means he will be leaving me in a couple of days, and I might not see him much as his job is Mondays to Fridays, and I work weekends! 

We are planning on going to a big music and surfing festival in Newquay (still in England) on the 20th June.  Its a 4 day camping thing, with music and surfing, so that should be pretty fun, and then after that, we are thinking we are going to buy a van, and do Van Tour 08!  Which is pretty much a convoy of antipodeans (aussies, kiwis and saffas (sth africans)), all driving around europe and going to all the major festivals.  So that sounds like it will be lots of fun, we jut have to find a cheap, half decent van now!

I haven't actually done much sightseeing in London,  all I've seen so far is the London Bridge, which is not exciting at all, and the Tower Bridge which is a bit more impressive!  Also saw Big Ben, and the Eye, which we didnt go for a ride on, because of the massive lines, but we still might.
The view out my room, at the Walkabout
  So I will have to make sure I do a tour soon, that covers everything in the one day, and get it done with!

Not much else to report, work around 40 hours a week, late night and split shifts (and early mornings when we get deliveries), so not much time for much else.  I usually get two days off in a row a week, which i use to go out and party!  But I spent way too much money in my first 3 weeks overseas, so have to settle down now, and try to live off the 180 quid i make a week, and not touch my Aussie bank till I head off for europe! 
Oh I also just got my lip pierced today, and forgot to get photos taken of it getting done, so you all miss out on seeing that!
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Eyes on Horses
One of the drink…
"Eyes on Horses" One of the drin…
The Eye and Big Ben
The Eye and Big Ben
The view out my room, at the Walka…
The view out my room, at the Walk…
Sitting in my windowsill
Sitting in my windowsill
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