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So we had a somewhat ok night sleep and woke early because it was so hot. I asked someone how far we had to go to get there, and he said we're arriving about 6pm....Great! That makes it a 23 hr train trip.  We started with 4 litres of water and were down to 2.  2 litres of water for another 10 hours or so in a boiling hot train while you are sticking to the vinyl.  We also had no food, but water was our main concern.

Another nap and we woke to a group of school boys taking lisa's seat.  So she wouldn't be uncomfortable Katie and I put our beds down and sat opposite her being gawked at and laughed at by a group of 20 somethings. Trying to avoid provoking them Lisa read, I sat writing a journal, and Katie starred out the window - as she does :) All the while being swamped with you like cricket? do you know Ricky Ponting?  What are you writing - letters? You are writing letters aren't you?  Finally about 40 mins later they arrived at their stop and got off the train.  The train sat at this (Lucknow) Station for over an hour!!!

We made our beds again and I woke a short while later to some more talking and music in the backround...the talking was some Indian men who had helped themselves to our Lonely Planet guide and my crossword book.  A quick snatch and I put my bed back down so I could keep an eye on things while the other two slept.  Who says that the oldest sister has to be the protector?  Anway, this music in the background kept getting louder, and eventually a man with some instrument was playing it right at my ear...I said NAY! and ushered him away...he opened a container with money in it, and what I thought it meant was that if he didn't play no one would pay him.  I said nay again and put my hand up to him...Out of the container of money he lifted a Cobra which was no more than an inch away from my face.  The only way to get rid of it was to pay him and I shuffled around for my purse trying not to move too much so that this snake wouldn't bite me.  I can't even imagine what we would do in the middle of no where with no water and a cobra bite to the face!! 

It was 10pm when we finally did arrive - which turned it into a 26hr trip! I doubted our driver would be there because we were so late.  I was right. Black Mark against travel agent (whatever no I am up to now). We arranged a taxi for the next day and headed to the hotel. 

Finally the end to what felt like it would last forever!

ickle1981 says:
mmm...uve put me off travelling alone on that nightmare train trip!!Maybe i should fly!
Posted on: Sep 24, 2009
waltzingmatilde says:
Sounds like the bus trip from Hades, but you have memories that will last a lifetime, lol
Posted on: Jan 22, 2007
bluejeanjenny says:
in a transit lounge in Taipei airport. no idea what is going on with the font. :)
Posted on: Nov 30, 2006
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