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Ok so we have finally made it to Rishikesh, and I must say for the first 3 hours or so that we wasted walking around in the south part, I was not at all impressed!!!  Again we sat to collect our thoughts, and our next plan of attack where to go.  After not being so well yesterday, I ordered the plainest thing on the menu - Mahed potato with fried onion.  What I got looked like slop from a soup kitchen....actually where we were eating looked like a soup kitchen!  Anyway it turned out to be way better than it looked...Indians sure know how to mash....

Translation after translation we finally got an autorickshaw driver to understand that we wanted him to take us around the sights of Rishikesh and back to Haridwar.  What we understood from the translations was that the translator was getting 200 out of the 600 Rupees that we were paying for the day.  I guess in the scheme of things it's not even $20...but is still very frustrating. 

I have some amazing photos of Rishikesh and can't wait to upload them!!  Here the Ganges is flows so fast, and is clean...even from the bridge you can see the fish swimming in it.  Lisa and I sat with our feet paddling and I was so a bit warm and fuzzy inside, and I am not even religious!  The bank of the river is dotted with colour, people bathing, washing their clothes, shaving, and kids splashing's amazing.

We walked across the Shivanand and Lakshman Bridges.  Both are pedestrian only and extremely crowded.  Still, they are not immune from the ever-present dog, cow, beggar, and even monkey! Although it is so busy, I got a strange sense of clarity being up there looking down into the river and watching the fish...all the "lady lady...
" and other noise went away and I turned and continued walking the bridge with a smile on my face.

After more of a wander around it was back to Haridwar to get on our train for Varanassi...It's such a shame we couldn't spend longer in Rishikesh and do a Yoga or Meditation course or something like that.  They look great and even though we didn't have the chance, I highly recommend them if you have the time.

Next stop - Varanassi

portia says:
still waiting for the photos!
Posted on: Dec 16, 2006
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photo by: Mezmerized