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In the back of Mr Bill's rickshaw.

Finally - after all the build up, we make it to India!  I'm not exactly sure what I expected, but this wasn't it. 

We spent our first two days in Delhi being driven around by an autorickshaw driver Mr Bill, who when asked to show us the sights of Delhi took us to shops that we concluded are owned by a counsin, an uncle, neighbour or some other obscure relation.  We didn't buy anything and didn't really see anything which is why Delhi is our least favourite place so far.

We had a bit of a SIM card debacle and spent most of our first night trying to get ourselves up and running with phones.  I went to bed feeling furiously ripped off, but woke the next morning to a phone that worked! It was a nice surprise. 

Being the youngest I am of course subject to certain disadvantages - most I have experienced so far are the crap beds (which I am putting my foot down on now) and the last shower, and other similar things.

  So on our first night in Delhi I got the fold out bed with the sumo sized cockroach on the pillow - SOMEHOW I got some sleep.  The next morning I woke raced for the first HOT shower and took the girls breakfast in bed... I bet they're glad I came on this trip!! 

From Delhi we orgainised the rest of our trip, and I had to change my flight from Goa to Delhi now that I had more time!! :) So after visiting one of Mr Bill's family members travel agents and turning the offer down there, we went to another and booked everything.  The plan was to get a bus from Delhi to Haridwar - then a rickshaw to Rishikesh - then a train to Varanassi and be picked up and have 2 days of sight seeing - then a train to Agra - then driven to Jaipur - driven back to Delhi - fly to Mumbai - then fly to Goa - then back to Delhi.

Hey Hey we're the Monkeys!

While waiting to be picked up and taken to the bus stop for our trip to Haridwar we sat outside the travel agent playing cards, after a crowd gathered to watch policemen informed us it is illegal to play cards in the street in India (I still don't know why) and then out came our travel agent to yell at us pretending to the policemen that he didn't know we were out there, so his agency didn't get a bad name.  Everyone looks out for themselves here!!

We ended up being walked (not driven - black mark number 1) to our bus stop 2 hrs later then we were originally told. The bus that arrived was not a sleeper (black mark number 2) and I was not looking forward to the trip ahead!

travellingbloke says:
Hi ! You made a mistake .. you should always prefer to travel with a tour operator / travel agent. Last year I travelled with Indian Holiday and had a fantastic
Posted on: Jan 02, 2008
Amanda says:
hmmm....are you going to let Lis get away with that? I love her like a sister, but if she WERE my sister, as she is yours, I wouldn't let her stick me with the roll out bed!! Of course, I'm older than her, so if the law applies, I guess I'd send her to go sleep on it... I say everyone takes a night in turn - tell her I said to be nice!!!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2006
lisalush says:
Look on the bright side... There are many advantages of being the youngest. You'll get wrinkles last, get tied down to marriage last, and of course you'll die last. I think you should keep taking the pull out beds babe.. Us oldies need to consider our degenerating joints.
Posted on: Nov 08, 2006
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In the back of Mr Bills rickshaw.
In the back of Mr Bill's rickshaw.
Hey Hey were the Monkeys!
Hey Hey we're the Monkeys!
You look good...too bad you sounde…
You look good...too bad you sound…
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